Telegram for Wear OS disappears when updating to version 8.0

telegram for wear os disappears when updating to version 80.jpg
telegram for wear os disappears when updating to version 80.jpg

Telegram has – or had – one of the best messaging apps for Wear OS, allowing you to do almost everything from the tiny screen of a smartwatch. Since the update to Telegram 8.0, the application no longer includes a version for Wear OS.

For some reason, Telegram has abandoned the version for Wear OS of your application, which no longer appears when doing a search in the Play Store on a smartwatch. Of course, if you still have it installed on your watch, it should continue to work for now.

Goodbye, Telegram for Wear OS

While with most messaging applications what you can do from a smartwatch with Wear OS is to view messages and reply to them, Telegram had a complete version for Wear OS. On the tiny screen of compatible watches you could in

This complete application has disappeared with the update to Telegram 8.0, and is not expected to return. Official Telegram support has confirmed that the Wear OS version of the application will no longer be available for download.


The “good” news is that, if you already have Telegram installed on your smartwatch with Wear OS, in principle should still work for now, although without support it is a matter of time before sooner or later it stops doing it. In addition, the next news that Telegram introduces may not be visible when checking the messages on the clock.

At the moment Telegram has not shown the reason for which he has left Telegram for Wear OS or if it is a final farewell. Given the pace of application development, it would not be unusual for their paths to cross again in the future. Also, remember that it is an open application, so there is always the possibility that other developers will take up the idea.

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