Telegram 9.4 lets us use emojis as profile photos, adds the real-time translator for chats and more news

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telegram 94 lets us use emojis as profile photos adds.webp.webp.webp

Telegram already has the next big update ready for its application in the form of version 9.4 of your applicationnow available through the Android and iOS app stores.

Telegram 9.4 completely renews the data use section, lets us put animated emojis as profile photos, add new emojis and some extra feature for subscribers, such as the real-time translator.

Emojis as profile photos

The first change of Telegram allows us use emoji as profile picture. We will see it as the option use an emoji by tapping on the camera icon on our profile. We can choose between the different emojis (animated or not) and stickers and a personalized background color so that they represent us in chats and groups.

A curious related option is that we can also change the profile picture of our contacts (from edit contact), as well as suggest a photo to that person to set as their profile photo.

Chat Translation

An exclusive novelty for Telegram Premium subscribers is the chat translator that can translate chats, groups and entire channels in real timefrom the top bar.

All Telegram users can translate individual messages (if they have activated the option before in the Language section of the settings) with the context menu that appears when they tap on a message, but those who pay the subscription can translate the entire chat.

Emojis classified into categories

With more and more emojis and stickers on Telegram, it can be difficult to find just the one you’re looking for. To make your task easier, the emoji and sticker selectors now include category filters in the search bar.

data usage

The previous version of Telegram completely renewed renewing the section of storage usageand now it is the turn of data usagecompletely renovated with graphs that show us what we have spent our data on while we use Telegram: videos, messages, files, photos or voice messages, distinguishing between the use of data with Wi-Fi, without it or with roaming.

Autosave the media

The multimedia you receive in Telegram chats does not It is saved in the mobile gallery unless you do it expressly, but now you can automate the process with precision from the section data and storage.

With the Save to Gallery setting, you can choose precisely what type of items (photos or videos) you want save from private chats, groups or channelsbeing able to choose exceptions.

Permissions for the media type

Telegram admins can now choose precisely what kind of items can be sent to a group: text messages, send photos, videos, stickers, music, files, voice messages, video messages, links or surveys.

In this way, it is possible create a group without audio messages and also the opposite, a group in which only animated GIFs can be sent, for example.

more emoji

How could it be otherwise, Telegram 9.4 adds more packs of animated emojis. Ten animated emoji packs for premium users join the ranks and new ones are coming too interactive versions of six more emojiswhich will turn into a full screen effect when you tap on them.

other changes

  • Annual subscription: It is now possible to pay the annual Telegram subscription, thus saving us 40% compared to the month-to-month payment.
  • Select chats for bots: bot creators can add buttons to choose groups, channels, or people who meet certain criteria.
  • Sign back in with Apple and Google ID: It is possible to log in again with Google or Apple, without having to resort to SMS verification.

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