Telegram 9.4 is here and it comes loaded with new features: emojis like profile pictures, translations and much more

telegram 94 is here and it comes loaded with new.webp.webp.webp
telegram 94 is here and it comes loaded with new.webp.webp.webp

Telegram is updated for the first time in 2023 with version 9.4 And, as usual, it does so with a good number of new features: some for Telegram Premium subscribers and others for all users.

You can now download Telegram 9.4 from Google Play to enjoy interesting news such as being able to use an animated emoji as a profile picturemore power for administrators to manage what can be in

Photos as emojis and more news

New version of Telegram, new string of news, we have some thirteen novelties in the latest Telegram update: some for all users and others exclusive to those who pay for the Telegram Premium subscription.

Among the novelties for all stand out the possibility of uuse emoji as profile picture, even being able to suggest a photo for our contacts. Premium users will also be able to have a very useful real-time translation for a chat, group or entire channel. These are all the news:

  • Animated emojis as profile photos: you can use an emoji (animated or not) or a sticker and turn it into a profile photo, choosing the background color.
  • Edit profile photo of your contacts: In the same way, you can also edit the profile photo of your contacts, if the one they have does not convince you.
  • Suggest photo for your contacts: If you have a great idea for a profile picture for a contact, you can suggest that they use it in a simple way.
  • Translate entire chats: Telegram Premium subscribers can translate in real time all the messages that arrive in a chat, group or channel.
  • Categories in the emoji and stickers selector: When choosing a sticker or emoji, you can filter the results with the categories that appear in the search bar.
  • Renewed the Network Usage screen: the settings window network usage It has a new design with graphs that clearly show how we have used our data in the application.

  • Autosave the media: Now you can choose precisely which chats, groups or channels you want to save their photos or videos to the mobile gallery automatically.
  • Permissions on what can be in