Telegram 9.0 arrives with more reactions, states, Android 13 icons and many more news

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The previous Telegram update multiplied the available emojis by allowing the use of emoji packs for Premium users. Nevertheless, reactions to messages they were still limited to a few predefined emojis.

With Telegram 9.0 now premium users can use any of the thousands of emojis available to react to a message, in addition to being able to use up to three reactions per message. Non-premium users have access to more emojis that were previously exclusive to Telegram Premium.

Statuses with emojis

Speaking of emojis, now it is possible set a status in Telegram, which will be represented by an emoji. It is a premium feature that will replace the Telegram Premium badge (the little blue star) with the status emoji of your choice. Statuses can be permanent or temporary, resetting after a time of your choosing.

Email login codes

Telegram users on iOS will now have a registration screen the same as the one that has been available on Android for some time, and two new ways to receive login codes are also introduced: by mail. This way, those who log out and log in frequently can receive the login codes via their email address and use I Sign in with Apple or Sign in with Google.


A little change for Telegram usernames. Until now, the usual format was now you can also use The old link still works.

Priority for downloads

An iOS novelty that now comes to Android is the priority of downloads. With several downloads in progress, entering the downloads section (touching the icon shown on the main screen, above the chats), you can set download priority.

With a long touch, you can move pending downloads in the list to adjust which file you want to have higher priority when downloading, which will be the one you move to the top.

New Android 13 Animations and Icons


Other Android changes bring us new animations when opening photos and videos and support for android themed icons 13those that change their color according to the current Material You color palette.



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