Telegram 8.4 releases spoilers, reactions and other functions: what they are and how you can activate them

telegram 84 releases spoilers reactions and other functions what they.jpg
telegram 84 releases spoilers reactions and other functions what they.jpg
Last September, Telegram 8.0 reached mobile phones with broadcasts without limit of viewers, among other novelties. Then came versions 8.0.1, 2.0 and 3.0, all of them with some minor improvements and changes. And is that the instant messaging platform he was reserving “the fat” for the end of the year.

Telegram 8.4 is here and brings two long-awaited functions on board that were until now in the testing phase: to avoid spoilers and reactions to the messages. But these are not the only novelties of the twelfth update of 2021, we are going to review them all.

Four great novelties to end the year

Telegram 03

Both on iOS and Android, Telegram 8.4 has arrived just before the end of the year loaded with new features, such as reactions to messages, instant translation of text in different languages, thematic QR codes and hidden text (spoilers), as well as new interactive versions of some emojis. Next, we explain in detail each of the news:


Starting today, some emojis are available as reactions to share feelings and responses without typing anything. Simply double-tap a message to send a quick reaction Thumb up or long press on a message to access more reactions.

If you want change your quick reaction emoji Go to Settings> Stickers and emojis on iOS and Chats> Quick reaction on Android. Private chats have the feature turned on by default, but for groups and channels, admins can turn on reactions in their chats on the chat info page> Edit> Reactions.


To chat with someone about a movie or series without spoiling the rest, select any part of your text while you are writing and choose the new ‘Spoiler’ format. This will hide the selected part of your message both in the chat, and in the list of chats and notifications. To see what’s hidden, tap on the spoiler animation and you’ll reveal its text.


If you are one of those who participate in public groups in other countries and see channel content in different languages, you are in luck, since now you can translate any message into another language, directly in the app. To do this, activate the translation option in Settings> Languages ​​and it will be added the dedicated ‘Translate’ button to the context menu that appears when you select a message.

That is, you only have to press and hold a message to translate it, but the number of languages ​​available depends on each operating system. Too you can exclude any language that you speak fluently, so that the translation button is hidden for those messages.

Customized and thematic QR codes

From now on, you can generate QR codes for anyone who has a public username, so that custom code lead to your public link It also works for groups, channels, and bots by tapping on the QR code icon on their public profiles so others can quickly scan it.