Telegram 8.3 lets us shield the content that we upload to groups, delete all messages on specific dates, and more

telegram 83 lets us shield the content that we upload.jpg
telegram 83 lets us shield the content that we upload.jpg
Telegram continues to update at a good pace and we have been receiving quite interesting improvements in different areas for some time. In the last version number jump, Telegram seems to focus more on privacy of users that you have been bragging about for a long time. Now Telegram allows a more exhaustive control of what we allow to do in individual chats and group chats, and that is always good for users.

Version 8.3 is the last to arrive and here we find changes such as the possibility of delete chats from specific dates. We no longer have to empty a whole conversation but we can do, for example, that last Friday did not exist. But we also have changes in the options for downloading and forwarding messages in groups, which we can now limit if we are administrators, and more.

Telegram 8.3: more secure, more private

As we have said, one of the most interesting options that come with version 8.3 is the elimination of messages by date. If we wish, we can select a specific moment and Telegram will erase all traces of our activity. At the moment it does not work for groups, only for private conversations, but it is a great step when it comes to controlling in detail all the information that we exchange through the app.

Group admins can now decide what to do with the content that is uploaded. We can decide, for example, that no member of our group can download the images, videos or audios that are uploaded, and they cannot be forwarded to other users or channels. Maybe you think that screenshots can still be taken but the truth is that no, Telegram will block that as well. What happens in that group will stay in that group. Las Vegas in Telegram edition.

Another change that comes is the possibility of disavowing devices connected to our account. Do you remember opening Telegram on that tablet that you no longer use? Now you can withdraw your permissions and log out remotely. Or withdraw the permission to the session that of that computer. We will control on which devices our Telegram account can and cannot continue to operate.

Delete messages by date

Telegram 8.3 also enables group comments on behalf of that group. Now we no longer have to publish with our name in the group we have created and everything becomes more anonymous. And by the way, we also have the possibility of logging in using the last numbers of our phone so that Telegram calls us and verifying the start. The information we receive when invited to a group is also improved and Telegram 8.3 introduces new global themes, this only for Android. This is Telegram 8.3.