Telegram 8.0.1 includes extended read receipts for groups and recording of video and audio streams

telegram 801 includes extended read receipts for groups and recording.jpg
telegram 801 includes extended read receipts for groups and recording.jpg
Telegram continues to advance and add functionalities to its already complete service, and now it has just arrived. version 8.0.1. A minor update for numerical purposes and also in terms of the volume of news, but that introduces some more than interesting and necessary characteristics, especially in the groups section.

Telegram has already added the possibility of broadcasting live content from its apps, with the option of involving several users present in said group, but now this goes a step further and group administrators can choose to record this broadcast. Either in video or in audio, at the choice of each admin. But in version 8.0.1 of Telegram more news arrives.

The news of Telegram 8.0.1

As we have commented, in this update the ton of news that Telegram has accustomed us to does not arrive, but we do have several quite interesting. For example, land the power option personalize individual chats instead of choosing a theme for everyone. We have themes that include animated backgrounds and other benefits and that are easily configurable. And also, be careful, the appearance of the chats is synchronized. Both of you will always talk with the same chat aspect.

Some emojis are interactive, it is something we already knew, but now more are added to the list and more importantly, they are synchronized. This means that if we are chatting with a person and send, for example, the heart, it will move and vibrate at exactly the same time at both ends of the conversation. Perhaps a minor but fun change that helps improve the experience.

On the subject of groups, as we already mentioned, there have been quite interesting changes. For example regarding read receipts. You send a message to a group and the signal of sent appears and then that of read, but for this it is only necessary that a member of the group (other than you) read it. We do not know who has not read it or who has, until now. With Telegram 8.0.1 we can make a long press on the message and we will have access to the extended reading information on top.

And finally, since you can broadcast video and audio in groups and individual chats, now group admins can record streaming itself with two options: video and audio or audio only. Once you stop recording, the file will be uploaded to your chat “Saved messages” and you can export it and upload it to a video streaming platform, a podcast platform or share it. You choose. We have not said so far but Telegram 8.0.1 reaches both iOS and Android, by the way.