Telegram 7.9: video calls with a thousand viewers, screen sharing, fast-motion videos and more news

telegram 79 video calls with a thousand viewers screen sharing.jpg
telegram 79 video calls with a thousand viewers screen sharing.jpg

Telegram reaches the stable version 7.9 on both Android and iOS and, as usual, it comes accompanied by a lot of news. Some of them we had seen exclusively before in their beta version for Android, to which are added others that we were not aware of.

The list of news in the latest official version of Telegram is quite extensive. The main course is the group video calls with up to a thousand viewers, with other changes such as the improvement of video messages, the possibility of choosing the speed of playing a video and many more.

Video calls with up to a thousand viewers


Group video calling recently came to Telegram as an evolution of its audio rooms. In them 30 people could share their video or mobile screen. The novelty is that now up to 1,000 people can join and view the content of these group video calls.

That is, we have a limit of up to 30 people who use the mobile camera or broadcast something on their mobile (for example, a game) and a limit of 1,000 people who can join as spectators to that same session.

Video message improvements


Telegram version 7.9 focuses on videos, also those that are not in real time. Video messages they are something like voice memos, but with video, and are sent in a similar way, after changing the microphone icon to the camera icon, with a tap.

In this update the video messages increase your resolution and they expand when you touch on them. Not only that, but you can control its playback. Other related changes are that the mobile audio continues to sound while you record a video message and that if you record with the main camera you can zoom.

Video playback speed

Video speed

One useful change we saw in the Telegram beta is that the internal video player allows you to modify the playback speed. There are five speeds to choose from, including normal: two in slow motion and two in fast motion.

To change the playback speed of a video in Telegram between 0.2x, 0.5x, 1.5x or 2x you must press the menu ⋮ to open speed menu, where you can choose. The 0.2x speed is only available on Android.

Doodles with custom-sized brushes


A little addition in the Telegram image editor: you can change brush size swiping up or down while selecting a color. It is the same operation as in other applications, such as Instagram.

Share screen with sound

Share screen

Although Telegram added the option to share the screen in group video calls, in individual person-to-person calls, the option did not exist. Share the call in video calls It now arrives in Telegram 7.9, and the sound is also shared.

To share your mobile screen with another person, you must first press Stop video to display the window for selecting what you want to share. One of the options is Mobile screen.

New camera in iOS


Telegram renews its camera in iOS so that it takes advantage of all the lenses of the supported iPhone. With this new camera you can easily change the recording zoom level, from 0.5x to 2x, using the wheel.

More animated emojis

It has become a classic of each new version of Telegram: animated emojis. The latest version of Telegram adds 15 new animated emojis varied. The way to use them is the same as always: you send the emoji normally in a message, and it will transform into the large animation.

Other changes

  • Timestamp Links. When someone replies to a video with a timestamp, Telegram creates an automatic link to that video at that exact moment. Now, if you long tap on said link, you can copy it and share it to other chats.

  • Self-elimination in one month. Until now, the automatic deletion of messages from Telegram allowed you to choose between the interval of a day or a week for the messages to be deleted. In this version comes the option to delete them one month after being sent.

  • More animations. New animations arrive to the lock code, when sending new messages on Android

  • Forward to multiple recipients. On iOS, you can choose multiple recipients to forward a message by tapping Choose and selecting contacts in bulk by swiping with two fingers.

  • Security enhancements. If you use Telegram’s two-step verification, the application will help you practice it so you don’t forget. Also, there is an option to reset your password as long as you are still logged in.



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