Sygic GPS Navigator now recognizes road signs while driving

sygic gps navigator now recognizes road signs while driving.jpg
sygic gps navigator now recognizes road signs while driving.jpg
One of the best mobile GPS navigators has introduced a new feature for these types of apps: Sygic now includes road sign recognition. In this way, and as long as the mobile is pointing correctly at the road with its camera, the navigator will offer the last signal of the road in order to take it into account for driving.

The most modern cars, and that have a certain level of assisted driving, include a set of sensors and cameras with which they not only record the distances with the rest of the vehicles and other obstacles on the road, but also read traffic signs to alert the driver. This system was not common in GPS applications, at least until now: Sygic introduces it in its app. It is a breakthrough for driving.

Sygic uses the mobile camera to analyze the signals


Navigation applications used to offer speed limits for the different sections through which the vehicle circulates, although always depending on the information they have stored in their maps. Therefore, when a road is under construction, the GPS navigator does not know the real maximum speed at which it can travel on that road. Sygic solves this with its latest development.

Traffic sign recognition is now available in mobile applications for both Android and iPhone. Through that functionality the GPS navigator uses the phone’s camera to scan the front for signals. And, if they are located, Sygic analyzes what they indicate to transfer it to the browser interface; offering, in turn, auditory alerts to the driver (if activated).

To make use of the novelty it is essential to mount the phone on the dashboard of the car, start the camera before starting the route and leave the mobile pointing forward so that Sygic can recognize the traffic signs. We do not know the battery consumption, but it is probably much higher: having the GPS, the screen and the camera active is a great energy load.


Real-time detection of signals. Center, navigation without active detection; right, detection in operation

Signal detection is included in Sygic’s plague plans: subscribe to the Premium + service (with the download there is a free week). In terms of quality and reliability of GPS navigation, Sygic Navigation remains at an excellent level.

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