Surviving 16 years at Google is an achievement, but everything comes: Google Talk says goodbye definitively

surviving 16 years at google is an achievement but everything.jpg
surviving 16 years at google is an achievement but everything.jpg

It was Google’s original instant messaging platform and, despite the fact that many others came later, it still worked for the few users who continued to use it. And its final end has come, now yes: Google Talk lower the blind next June 26. Those who sign in will be moved to Hangouts.

Google’s future for instant communication applications has so much collateral damage to its own catalog that listing all the services is very difficult. From Google Talk, the original messaging platform, to RCS messages, the complement to SMS that Google maintains Android with the operators. Heavyweights like Google Allo fell by the wayside, others like Hangouts saw their features change from one day to the next. And Google Talk reaches the end of its useful life after a long agony.

Hangouts will take over Google Talk users


GoogleTalk in 2011

Currently, Google Meet is Google’s right eye when it comes to communication between users, whether individuals or professionals. Meet offers video calls, also text communications and advanced options, such as the ability to share the screen. Open to anyone, Google Meet has inherited many of the characteristics of the already legendary Hangouts. And the latter will inherit, in turn, those of Google Talk (despite the fact that it was supposed to be almost gone).

Talk is a dinosaur that keeps going despite what might seem the opposite. The service keeps an Android application active (and inaccessible), still working in gmail and allows access to instant messaging through other applications, such as those that use the XMPP protocol. With the final decision of Google Talk sees the end of its journey.

As detailed by Google on its Workspace website, Google Talk will stop working from June 26. Those who still use the Android app will be forced to use Hangouts, just like those who continue to use Google Talk through Gmail. In the case of clients through XMPP, they will maintain communication using the Hangouts platform.

After 16 years running after Google released Talk in 2005, and will come to Android in 2008, the platform reaches its end without its owner giving it the deserved recognition. A pity: Google Talk was a platform ahead of its time.

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