Stadia reinvents Nokia’s snake just before it dies: play for free while you can

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stadia reinvents nokias snake just before it dies play for.webp.webp.webp

Despite the fact that the service worked perfectly, even on Android phones, Google Stadia has its death date set for this week. And with a couple of gifts for its users: the future release of the physical controller as a Bluetooth controller and Worm Game, the reincarnation of Nokia’s snake that can be played for free. Take advantage while it’s available.

Google’s pulse does not tremble when it comes to canceling services, those of us who follow its evolution through the universe of mobile applications and web services know it well. We still long for the mythical Google Reader (not the recent version) or Inbox, a Email client better than Gmail itself; not to mention Hangouts or Google Duo, now included in the increasingly immense Meet. And Stadia is about to join the Google graveyard; not before making one last gift.

Worm Game, a free snake game

Worm GameGoogle Stadia

Google Stadia will disappear tomorrow, January 18, that is the date that the company marked to disconnect the game servers in the cloud. Until said disconnection arrives, all players can continue to enjoy their purchased titles and, in the event that they had Stadia Premium when Google announced the closure, also all the games delivered with the subscription. And, just before closing, the platform exhales its last breath in the form of a gift.

Worm Game, the worm game, maintains the mechanics of Nokia’s mythical snake: you have to go devouring the fruits and coins that will appear on the screen while our protagonist gets bigger and bigger. And the controls are the usual ones: a cursor to direct to the snake to the worm and that’s it. No more is needed.

The new and latest Google Stadia game (and first, Worm Game was a test of the platform) is open to any user with an account, whether free or Premium. It even supports new users: it is possible to sign in with a pre-registered Google account

The Google Stadia snake boots perfectly on a computer screen (supports keyboard control) and on a smartphone. With another advantage: have gestures enabled to change the direction of the worm. That is, to turn the character to the left, simply slide your finger across the touch screen in that direction; so it is not essential to use the crosshead and virtual buttons on the mobile.

Quick games in Arcade mode, campaigns and a multiplayer mode that includes a deathmatch and a high score competition: Worm Game offers a good time of fun. And without installing any more than the Google Stadia app itself, the game is transmitted by streaming.

Worm GameGoogle Stadia

It’s a shame that Stadia is coming to an end, we’ve always found it to be a great way to get into PC games from any phone, including the cheapest ones. Starting tomorrow, January 18, the Google cement yard will have a new tenant, surely well ahead of its time. Rest in peace.

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