Spotify completely revamps the music library: improved search, dynamic filters and much more

spotify completely revamps the music library improved search dynamic filters.jpg
spotify completely revamps the music library improved search dynamic filters.jpg

The best-known music streaming platform announces a design change in its mobile applications, a change aimed at making the Spotify library more comfortable to use and also more proactive. Always-on search, filters that dynamically adapt to content and better access to all features, among other upgraded features.

Listening to music on your phone, or accessing the most popular podcasts, is a really simple task thanks to Spotify, even without paying a penny: the streaming service usually updates its applications constantly to facilitate and improve the experience. Music lists adapted to user tastes, personalized suggestions, constantly updated content and now, to make it easier to manage the entire music collection, the user library is leveled up with notable usability improvements.

Greater control of listed and saved content

Spotify New Library

Not that Spotify offered a difficult-to-use library section, that its operation is intuitive and uncomplicated. Music section and podcast section; all lists saved in the collection; access to favorite topics; categorization tabs by lists, artists and albums; Hidden top search with option to filter minimally by order and by downloads. Enough, but can be improved.

With the future update, which the company has already revealed, each user’s personal library will gain in options without losing sight of the simplicity of use to which its application has become accustomed, both that of iPhone and Android. As published by Spotify, the renovation is on the way to give greater presence to the search for content, to the management of the library and, also, to the way of viewing it.

Spotify will always keep the search magnifier present to highlight it in the interface. The button to add a new list is just to the right of the magnifying glass; with a few newcomers to the app: dynamic categorization filters. Spotify ensures that these filters will offer access to searches and sections of the library as needed by the user. In addition, they can be combined to achieve the most precise filtering possible.

The Spotify library allows you to better order the huge pile of lists that can accumulate in the library. It is possible to pin the preferred ones, make them go up or down according to the importance and, in addition, Spotify launches grid view to view all the elements more quickly and without having to scroll infinitely vertically.

We do not know when the renewed library will arrive to the Spotify apps, it will probably appear next to the next update of the applications. And it will be compatible for both free and Premium users.

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