Spotify Announces Automatic Podcast Transcription for iPhone and Android

spotify announces automatic podcast transcription for iphone and android.jpg
spotify announces automatic podcast transcription for iphone and android.jpg

Spotify has just announced on its blog three great news for its application on iOS and Android. The most striking feature of those announced is the automatic podcast transcription, which will be enabled first in beta.

We are going to tell you the news that Spotify prepares for Android and iPhoneSome of them will arrive in the next few weeks and others are starting to be implemented in the app design itself.

The three big news coming to Spotify

Spotify Podcast Transcription

Spotify has just announced news that will arrive in the next few weeks to its mobile application. All of them are related to accessibility, so we will have to activate them manually. The most important is that of automatic podcast transcription, a feature that will arrive first in beta.

Some selected podcasts will automatically be transcribed to text, so users will be able to read them in real time instead of listening to them. According to Spotify, this is “only the first step of the podcast transcription experience”, and it is that they plan that absolutely every podcast that is uploaded to the platform is automatically transcribed to text.

The second novelty has to do with Spotify’s own visual experience when interacting with its buttons, Spotify will be updated over the next few days changing the size of buttons, texts and some colors, to make all the content easier to view.

Lastly, there will be an accessibility setting for make the texts bigger, an optional function so that those users who want to see the texts in a larger size can do so.

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