Space Invaders enters the 21st century with a version similar to Pokémon Go and totally free

space invaders enters the 21st century with a version similar.webp.webp.webp
space invaders enters the 21st century with a version similar.webp.webp.webp

Space Invaders turns 45 and to celebrate Google and TAITO have joined forces to launch Space Invaders: World Defensea kind of Pokémon Go of planetary defense.

In Space Invaders: World Defense you don’t have to capture creatures, but destroy them, just like in the arcade classic. The difference is that the battle takes place in the street, with invaders coming out from behind buildingsintegrated with augmented reality.

The Space Invaders of the future

Space Invaders is a fairly simple game: some aliens are slowly and extremely orderly approaching the target and you must annihilate them before they hit the ground. The legendary game just turned 45 years old and to celebrate it, it goes up to the future with one of its most modern versions to date.

Space Invaders: World Defense is a game of immersive augmented reality who uses the latest Google Geospatial APIwhich combines Google Maps and ARCore to generate an immersive experience based on real location and in real time.

As a game, Space Invaders: World Defense is relatively simple: you control a spaceship and you can manipulate the cursor where it will shoot, while moving the mobile to locate the enemies integrated with the environment, helping you with arrows. Once you find the enemy, it’s time to annihilate him.

The main grace of Space Invaders: World Defense is found in integration into the environmentfor which the game needs to use the camera and the location, although in return the game will only let us participate in certain areas and not in any random corner that we pass through.

Best of all: it’s totally free and has no ads or in-app purchasesso saving the world will not cost you anything, except a little battery on your mobile.


SPACE INVADERS is back to conquer the world, this time from a different dimension.

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