Some Android mobiles continue to hide this mythical game: this way you can know if yours has it

some android mobiles continue to hide this mythical game this.jpg
some android mobiles continue to hide this mythical game this.jpg

It has rained a lot since that easter egg that we found in Android 6 Marshmallow in the form of hidden video game and that it continued what Android 5 Lollipop started. To this day, many still remember it and what some may not be aware of is that it can still be accessed on some Android mobiles.

Flappy Bird is one of the most popular games that disappeared from Google Play and that served to inspire this hidden game with which Google challenged us to overcome levels. In this post we will tell you how you can access it again, since it could still be present among the hidden files of the system.

If your mobile has it, you will need an Android activator to access

Access Hidden Features Miui Downloader

Our partners from Mundo Xiaomi have told how to access this minigame through the application MIUI Downloaderfor which you just have to open it, go to the tab hidden features and locate the file there Android 6 Easter Eggwhich is on the path Once it opens, you will be able to access the full minigame just like in its golden age of Android Marshmallow.

Now, although this seems to be exclusive to Xiaomi, in reality it can be accessed with other activators such as Nova Launcher or Activity Launcher. also that MIUI Downloader works on other Android phonessince it is fully available on Google Play.

Of course, keep in mind that these apps do not download the game or anything similar. It really is a file that is still present in the Android version of some mobiles and these apps only act as intermediaries to open it. Thus, may not be available on all phones. If it does not appear through these methods, it will mean that you do not have it available.

Yes, besides Do you still have a mobile with Android 6?You won’t need any of this. As we already told you, this minigame comes standard with this software version and to access it you only have to go to the device settings, access the device information (About of the phone or similar) and where it says Android Version: Android 6 You will have to press several in a row. In more recent versions you will find other easter eggs following these steps, although less memorable.

A well-known mechanic, but equally addictive

Hidden Game Android 6

If you’ve never managed to locate this Android 6 easter egg and you’ve never played Flappy Bird or similar, you’ll see that it doesn’t have much of a mystery either. The protagonist is Andy, Android’s pet, which You have to move forward avoiding obstacles in the form of cubes that appear on your way. If you hit one of those obstacles or fall, the game will end.

For each time you get Andy to pass between the cubes you will add a point. But beware, it’s not that easy. Andy, although he advances, he falls and you will have to give small taps on the screen for it to go up. Of course, be careful with sending him very high because he can collide with the obstacle and lose the game as well.