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So you can use the Xiaomi browser on any Android mobile to download videos from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

so you can use the xiaomi browser on any android.webp.webp.webp
so you can use the xiaomi browser on any android.webp.webp.webp

Each teacher has his booklet and each operating system has its tricks so that users get more out of the mobile. Xiaomi knows a lot about this because MIUI is a layer with a lot of adjustments that we can do both to make the mobile work better and to get more out of it. And it is something that is maintained in MIUI 14.

Now, there is something that is not a secret or hidden, and it is the possibility of using Xiaomi’s browser to download videos from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even WhatsApp states. It is very simple and we will tell you how you can do this with any Android mobile.

The trick for the Xiaomi browser: its video downloader

If you have or buy a Xiaomi, it will come with the Mi Browser pre-installed. It is a fast and light browser, but you will surely end up changing it for Chrome -which also comes installed and has a series of tricks on Android- or for Microsoft Edge.

However, We recommend that you do not delete this Xiaomi browser. What’s more, we invite you to download it to your Android mobile even if it’s not from the company if you’re looking to download videos. Here is the link to the Play Store.

Many times we are scrolling through Instagram or Twitter and we see a funny video, that is cool or that we want to save for whatever reason, either to have it in our gallery or to pass it on to a contact via Telegram or WhatsApp.

The reason does not matter, but many times we go to external applications or pages when the simplest thing is open the link in the Xiaomi browser and click on the download arrow.

Download videos Xiaomi browser

Click on the arrow that appears on the video and that’s it, download.

And it is that, it is that simple. You are browsing, the browser recognizes a video and, if it is downloadable, the arrow icon appears. you press, you say where you want to save the video and that’s it, you already have it.

If the arrow does not appear, you have the option to copy the video link and go to the download tool of the browser itself. You simply click on the icon of your profile, look for the option to download videos, copy the link and that’s it.

Download videos Xiaomi browser

If the arrow does not appear, you can copy the link of the video, look for the “downloader” and copy said link.

Eye! You may get an error, but if it is the case, nothing happens. The browser automatically takes you to the message that contains the video you are trying to download and, yes, the little arrow appears there to do so.

It’s that easy and don’t you see how my collection of videos of cats doing stupid things has grown.