So you can know what data your iPhone applications access with the new iOS 15.2 beta feature

so you can know what data your iphone applications access.jpg
so you can know what data your iphone applications access.jpg

iOS 15.1 arrived two days ago to iPhone users, at least of the compatible models and only a few hours later Apple has released a new update for developers that already reaches 15.2 numbering. An iOS update that includes improvements to emergency calls and a new feature called “App privacy report” that we are now going to analyze.

Apple was that before it bet on improving privacy by making transparent the permissions required by the different applications in their daily performance and the data they access. It is about reinforcing the confidence and the control of the user of the access according to what functions they require to use and now with “Report of privacy of the application” they give a new twist of nut.

More control over applications


The first thing we need to know is that the iOS 15.2 beta is for developers only, so this and other functions are not available in the stable version. These improvements will be reaching all users when iOS 15.2 is released openly and has been tested.

“App privacy report” is a tool that is disabled by default within the section “Privacy” in the “Settings” of the iPhone. We can activate and deactivate it at will. But what is the “Application Privacy Report” for?


Now in iOS 15.2 and with “Application privacy report” users have access to data accessed by applications and in this sense both Apple’s own applications and third-party developers’ applications have a place.

The feature is available in the iOS 15.2 beta, as well as the iPadOS 15.2 Beta. Once activated, it starts working as we open and use applications. In the list we can see how the applications access different functions. They appear classified according to access sensors, location, photos, camera, microphone, contacts, those that require Internet access… in short, it is about knowing what confidential information the applications have accessed in the last seven days.


Thanks to this new function, the user can also know which applications have had access to according to which domains and when the last contact has been, so that now its operation can be more transparent.

The “App Privacy Report” feature was one of the firsts in iOS 15 that Apple showed off at this year’s WWDC, and now it’s finally in shape.

Emergency call improvements

In addition and incidentally, Apple has made changes in the way in which the emergency call is accessed through the Auto Call function. Now emergency services can be called in two ways: If the side button and the volume button are held down at the same time for a few seconds or if the side button is pressed quickly several times.

In both cases a countdown will appear on the screen eight seconds (up from three) before the call starts.