So you can hide apps on your Samsung without installing apps

so you can hide apps on your samsung without installing.jpeg
so you can hide apps on your samsung without installing.jpeg

Hiding apps on an Android mobile is possible, although not entirely easy. We can use user profiles, creating private spaces if the customization layer allows it, or use third-party apps. Nevertheless, Samsung lets you hide apps, without installing anything and in a very simple way.

In this way, we can hide apps without uninstalling them, so that they are “inactive” and inaccessible to anyone who picks up our phone. Only we will know that they are hidden and we can activate them whenever we want.

Hide apps on your Samsung mobile

Screenshot 20210921 160200 One Ui Home

Hiding apps on a Samsung mobile is very simple. The first thing we need is to have our phone updated to the latest version of One UI. In our case, we have used One UI in its third version, on a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. However, you can do the tutorial with other terminals.

If you want hide apps in One UI these are the steps you have to follow:

  • Open the settings
  • Click on ‘Home screen’
  • Click on ‘hide applications’
  • Select the applications you want to hide

Another route from which you can access here is from the launcher itself, leaving pressed in any hole and giving ‘settings’. Both roads will take you in the same direction, so access from wherever you want.

When you hide an app, You will not be able to see it from the launcher or open it. The app will remain installed with all its data on your phone, but completely hidden. To activate it again, you just have to go back to the list of hidden apps from the route that we have indicated.