SkyTube: a YouTube client with which you can listen to music in the background, download videos and more

skytube a youtube client with which you can listen to.jpg
skytube a youtube client with which you can listen to.jpg

YouTube is one of the most popular video viewing services, although its official Android application does not satisfy all tastes. For those who want to watch YouTube but without using YouTube, the number of unofficial alternatives like SkyTube.

SkyTube is a YouTube client open source and does not require Google services, so you can install it on a recent Huawei mobile without problems. Among its advantages are ad blocking, downloading videos and the possibility of playing videos and that the audio does not stop when changing app.

YouTube without Google services

If you like YouTube but don’t like the official YouTube app, don’t miss SkyTube, an open source project with which you gain a good number of additional features. A nice bonus point is that does not require Google services and you don’t need to log in either, although it maintains some customization to control the type of content that will be shown to you.

To get started, it is possible to subscribe to channels, something that is not always available on YouTube’s unofficial clients. The videos of the channels you have subscribed to appear in the section Feed, similar to how it appears in the official application.

Subscribe Although it is used without an account, you can subscribe to channels

Indeed, one of the strengths of SkyTube is its video blocker, which basically filters out those videos that don’t interest you from the list shown in the application. From the application settings you can specify various filters, including the ability to manually add channels that you do not want to appear.

Other more curious filters allow you to choose that only videos appear in a certain language or those that have a certain amount of views or like, to filter the viral of what at the moment has not had much travel.


As is common with third-party YouTube apps, there are no ads. Other functions that are available in SkyTube and not in the official application -at least without paying for YouTube Premium- are the downloading of videos and that playback does not stop when switching applications.

The video player itself is somewhat rougher than the official YouTube one, although it is fully functional and has the advantage over other alternatives that you can read the comments of a video (sliding from the side), although you cannot add your own.


In summary, SkyTube is a good alternative to YouTube that does not need Google services or login and with which you win some of the features that Google refuses to include on your official client.

SkyTube is available in two versions: the open source version can be downloaded from F-Droid and the version with extra functions, SkyTube Extra, includes all the functions although with some additional libraries that are not open source, and you can download it from its official website.