Six Waze settings for Android Auto that I recommend configuring as soon as possible

six waze settings for android auto that i recommend configuring.webp.webp.webp
six waze settings for android auto that i recommend configuring.webp.webp.webp

Although there are a few navigation applications compatible with Android Auto, the one we use is Waze and I have already explained to you that the reason is its community: they allow me to see almost instantly the milestones that happen on the road, from radars to dead animals to police officers. or vehicle remains. Although installing Waze on your phone and seeing it later on Android Auto is not much of a mystery and the application itself comes quite well configured by default (for example, it avoids unpaved roads or difficult junctions), there are other Waze settings that I have been configuring and that I recommend for their usefulness, functionality and how they have improved my experience as user.

Note: go ahead that the configuration in Android Auto directly on the console is quite limited to the essential minimum, so most options have to be selected from the phone so that they are later displayed on the car screen.

Do not be overwhelmed by so many notices

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The first time you put Waze in Android Auto you will find an assistant talking at all hours: that it does turn right, stay in the left lane, radar warning… although some of these indications are useful to me, others are excessive and end up tiring.

Precisely one of the few things that can be regulated from the car console are the Sounds and, as you can see on these lines, you have three options: ‘yes’, ‘alerts’ and ‘no’. In my case I have ‘Alerts’ selected, so I can look at the screen from time to time to know when I have to des

Choose the assistant that you like the most


The default voice assistant is Jane, a lady who speaks English, but it is likely that you prefer to be spoken to in your mother tongue. Likewise, you can also choose whether the one who gives you the directions is a male or female voice.

You can choose all this from the application, by tapping on the icon with the three stripes in the upper left corner, following the path ‘settings‘ > ‘sound and voice‘ and there clicking on ‘waze voice‘. In our case we have chosen Leire, who speaks Basque.

Set up your home and work addresses

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Setting up the home and work addresses as soon as possible is going to be useful both for writing at least two addresses that are probably frequent for you on the one hand and on the other, in the latest update Google has reduced the voice commands that we can use with Waze in Android Auto reducing them to two: move to home or to work.

This is one of the first and most important settings that it is recommended to use in Waze. To do this, tap on the icon of the three lines at the top once you have registered and enter the sections ‘Home‘ and ‘Job‘. When you’re there, write down the exact address and save it. From that moment, you can quickly select that destination both by keyboard and with voice commands.

Don’t go over the throttle

I am not going to deceive you: it is easy for me to forget the legal speed of the road and I have a tendency to step on it, so for me continuously see the stipulated speed and the one I am going is ideal to avoid troubles and fines.

But sometimes I’m focused and I don’t look at the screen, so it doesn’t hurt to have an extra sound warning to reinforce the warning. This can be done from the ‘Settings’ of the application, entering the section ‘Speedometer‘ and there, verify that in addition to the ‘ optionshow on map‘ is checked and that ‘show speed limit‘ is set to ‘Always‘, enter ‘Speed ​​limit’ and activate a band from which the alarm will go off. You can choose either from how many km/h above the limit to warn or with a percentage. You also have a ‘Speed ​​Alert’ that warns if we exceed the stipulated limit.


no highways please


As I mentioned in the intro, Waze comes with a suitable default configuration, but each person can adjust it according to their needs, preferences and tastes, and one of mine is not to overpay when

To prevent Waze from showing me the routes that include sections that force me to open the wallet, I have configured it as follows: ‘settings‘ > ‘Navigation‘ > ‘Avoid toll roads‘.

Goodbye Wazers


That so many people have Waze installed on their phones and use it to drive is a good thing, as inevitable events on the road are quickly notified. But Waze has configured its application so that icons of other users are displayed on the road (which, by the way, they can customize) and although it is visually entertaining, it can get distracted and mislead us from what is important.

This can be easily removed: in ‘settings‘ > ‘map display‘, uncheck the ‘Show Wazers‘ and so you won’t see them anymore.

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