Six settings to survive WhatsApp groups

six settings to survive whatsapp groups.jpg
six settings to survive whatsapp groups.jpg

One of the star features of WhatsApp, and hated by many users, are the groups. In the end, hardly anyone escapes from WhatsApp groups, since in the end, and sometimes so many groups can overwhelm us if we don’t know how to manage them so that they go unnoticed on our mobile.

For survive Whatsapp groups the popular messaging client offers us a series of options and settings that allow us to control from its notifications, files received or which people can add us to new groups, as we will see below.

mute notifications

Mute Whatsapp Notifications

Mute group notifications It is one of the essential options that we have to configure. To do this we enter a group and in the options menu we select mute notifications. There we can choose between 8 hours, 1 week or Forever. By default, it won’t show notifications either, but if all we want to do is keep the sound from playing and see the warning, we have to activate the “Show notifications” option.

Adjust to visibility of media files

Visibility Multimedia Files Whatsapp

Through the groups we can receive dozens of photos and videos every day, and sometimes unwanted content. To prevent these photos and videos from appearing in our gallery, we have to go to the information of a group by clicking on its name and on Media file visibility activate the option that not we want to show in the gallery the multimedia files downloaded from that chat.

Archive the groups you can’t leave

Whatsapp Archive

If you have been added to a group that you are not interested in being in but you do not want to leave it, you can archive it to stop it from appearing in the chat overview. To do this in the chats tab select the group with a long press and click on the archive icon. The group will go to the new section of archived. Archived chats are muted and will remain archived by default even if we receive a new message. In the ‘Archived’ section we can check your archive settings.

Avoid being added to more groups

Whatsapp Groups Avoid

If you don’t want to be added to groups without your consent, you have to go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups. There you can configure who can add you to groups: anyone (everyone), only your contacts, only certain people or nobody. in the option ‘My contacts, except… It is where we select which contacts can add us. If we select all contacts (upper right icon) no one can add us to groups and they will have to invite us with a link so that we are the ones who have to accept entering the group.

Turn off automatic download

Automatic Download

Prevent photos, videos, audios and documents from your groups from being downloaded automatically. To do this go to Settings > Storage and data and configure the auto download with mobile data and with Wi-Fi unchecking all the options so that we are the ones who have to manually download each received file.

Customize notifications

Customize Whatsapp Notifications

Finally, for those important groups, we can customize your notifications so that each group sounds differently. To do this, we enter the group and touch on its name to see more information. There we find the option to ‘Customize notifications’. We activate the option ‘Notif. custom’ to be able to choose the notification tone, vibration and if they are high priority notifications.

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