Show off your best photos on Instagram: so you can pin them to the top of your profile

show off your best photos on instagram so you can pin them to the top of your profile
show off your best photos on instagram so you can pin them to the top of your profile

Sometimes you are more inspired to upload photos to Instagram than others, and it is possible that the photo of the last coffees and the 200 snapshots of your dog have hidden your little works of art, down in your profile. Now there’s an easy way to get them down, as the app lets you pin three posts to the top of your profile .

Until now, Instagram allowed you to rescue stories from oblivion and pin them to your profile, but normal posts were kept in strict chronological order. Now it’s possible to pin your three favorite photos or videos to the top of your profile.

Your three best photos, by hand

If you have many photos published on Instagram, it is possible that the ones you like the most are somewhat hidden and you need to scroll through the gallery for a long time. It is not possible to reorder your photos on Instagram – at least not yet – but what you can do now is pin photos to the top.

In total , you can pin up to three posts (photos or videos) to the top of your profile, which will be highlighted with a pushpin icon overlay. Pinning a photo to Instagram is very simple: open it, press the menu button ⋮ and choose Pin to Profile .

Pin up

When you do, the photo will leave its previous place in the timeline and rise to the top , sporting its new pushpin icon. You can repeat these steps to pin two more photos or videos.

Of course, when you have pinned more than three photos, the last three you have pinned will be displayed. That is, the maximum number is three, although you do not need to unpin one before pinning a new one: the most recent ones are simply displayed.


Pinned posts appear with a pushpin icon

This is an easy way to give some of your posts more visibility for whatever reason and something that until now Instagram didn’t allow in any way other than maybe temporarily hiding posts when archiving them . The steps are very simple, but we summarize them here:

  • Open the photo you want to pin to your profile
  • Press the menu ⋮
  • Choose Pin to profile
  • Repeat the process with two more photos, if you want