Shield your WhatsApp: all the privacy and security settings that you can activate

shield your whatsapp all the privacy and security settings that.jpg
shield your whatsapp all the privacy and security settings that.jpg

Through the different options of WhatsApp we can control our privacy and improve the security of our account. The popular messaging client allows us to say who can see our most personal information and shield our account and application.

We’ll see now nine privacy and security options that WhatsApp offers us to improve the privacy and security of our account, reviewing the settings that every user should configure to choose their level of privacy.

Hide the last time

Whatsapp Time last time

If you do not want your contacts to know when was the last time you entered WhatsApp, you can hide the time of the last time since Settings> Account> Privacy> Last. time. There selected ‘Nobody’ you will stop showing contacts what time you opened WhatsApp. The only thing that will keep informing your contacts is when you are online at the time.

Who can see your profile picture

Whatsapp Photo Profile

WhatsApp allows you to decide who can see your profile picture from their privacy settings. To improve your privacy, it is recommended that you only show the profile photo to the contacts in your agenda. Clicking on the setting Profile photo You can choose ‘My contacts’ or ‘Nobody’ if you don’t want to show your profile picture to anyone.

Who can see your information

WhatsApp information

In the profile of our WhatsApp account we have to write information or select a status. It does not let us leave that field blank, but from the privacy setting Info you can select who can see your information.

Who can see your statuses

Whatsapp Privacy States

If you want to share statuses only with certain contacts, you just have to go to Status privacy and choose with which contacts you do not want to share your statuses with the option ‘My contacts, except’, or with which contacts you want to share with the option ‘Only share with …’.

Disable read receipts

Whatsapp Reading Confirmations

If you do not want your contacts to know that you have read their messages you have to go to Settings> Account> Privacy and disable the Confirmations of readings. By deactivating these options you will have removed the famous double blue check.

Who can add you to a group

Whatsapp Groups

To prevent someone from adding you to groups without your consent, thus exposing your phone number to people you don’t know, you have to go to Settings> Account> Privacy> Groups. There you have to select the option ‘My contacts, except … and mark all contacts by clicking on the upper right icon. So all the contacts in your phonebook will not be able to add you to a group, they will have to send you an invitation. This option will have to be configured every time you add a new contact to your phonebook.

Lock your WhatsApp with fingerprint

Whatsapp Footprint

If you want to make sure that nobody can open your WhatsApp application you can activate the Fingerprint lock. So every time you want to open the application you will have to identify yourself with your fingerprint.

Activate 2-Step Verification

Whatsapp Two-Step Verification

To prevent your WhatsApp account from being stolen or hacked, you have to activate the Two-step verification from Settings> Account. There you will have to put a PIN of six numbers and an email to be able to recover the account. When you activate the two-step verification, WhatsApp will ask you for your PIN when you install the application on a new device and every few days to verify that you are the one who is using your account.

Single view

WhatsApp Single View

Finally, if you are going to send a photo or video with sensitive content, such as a password, to a contact, and that you do not want to be saved on your device or on that of the person, you can decide that it can only be view the photo or video only once. When you are going to send a photo or video, activate the new option single display (icon of a circle with a ‘1’). When the contact opens the photo or video it will be deleted automatically.

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