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Send any file to a Chromecast from your mobile with this trick

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Stream to Smart TV, TV Cast

  • Developer: InShot Inc.
  • Download it at: google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: video applications

For these cases you will need an application to

The first step is, of course, connect to your Chromecast. This application is one of the most compatible, so it will also be useful for you in

Then it’s time to choose what you want in

In our tests the sending has worked very well and while the video is playing on TV the app becomes a remote control from which you can control playback and volume, as well as subtitles (if they are supported on the video and on your device).

A rather curious fact about this application is that also works with videos embedded in websites. Using the internal browser, when the app detects that there is a video on the web that we are visiting, it will suggest us in

Cast to TV is also useful for videos embedded in web pages

For everything else: screen mirroring

What if you want to stream anything else? then you will always have mirror the screen, which amounts to showing the same thing that is seen on the mobile, but on TV. You can also do it from the app, by clicking on screen mirroralthough at the moment of truth this uses the screen mirroring system of your mobile, which will be the one in charge of making the connection.

Please note that screen mirroring it will not work for applications with protected content or DRM, those that prevent you from taking screenshots. They will be seen in black on TV even if you do see them on your mobile.

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