Search vitaminized in Google: combine image and text to specify results

search vitaminized in google combine image and text to specify.jpeg
search vitaminized in google combine image and text to specify.jpeg

Locating a specific product through Google search is on the way to being easier thanks to the latest innovation related to Google Lens: the search engine allows you to use its service making use of images and text, both simultaneously. In this way it is possible to upload a photo of a t-shirt, write “green” and Google returns results with the product in that color.

Any second that we save in daily tasks implies the accumulation of a good portion of time at the end of the day; which adds up minute by minute until you get a good amount of time. For example, in searches we can save effort by concatenating terms and using filters; achieving like this more accurate results to find what you want the first time. Google points right there with its multi-search.

Improved search with image and text fusion

Just as the advanced search engine tools allow you to refine the requests in order to minimize the results that are not close to what you are looking for, Google Lens begins to test the option of enhance your image search by adding text to each request. Because yes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but the text also helps.

As specified by Google on its website, the Google Lens multi-search begins to reach mobiles, first in beta and in a localized way. From now on, and whenever the search option is selected through Lens, it will be possible to add text to it in order to restrict the results as much as possible. The idea is use adjectives to define; or prices, places, known people…

Although multisearch has started today, Google already presented it at I/O 2021. The process to use it is as follows:

  • Open the Google app (the widget, for example) and tap on the Google Lens icon, the colored square.
  • Go to the bottom menu of “Search”.
  • Take a photo of what you want to locate or attach a photo from your gallery using the icon that appears to the left of the magnifying glass.
  • When multi-search is available a button will appear “add to search” at the top, next to the thumbnail of the photo inMore information | Google