Screen2Auto turns the Android Auto screen into a tablet with all your mobile apps

screen2auto turns the android auto screen into a tablet with.jpg
screen2auto turns the android auto screen into a tablet with.jpg

We have seen Android Auto applications before to watch mobile videos, watch YouTube and broadcast the mobile screen to Android Auto, but none is as spectacular as Screen2Auto. This application combines all of the above a bit for more or less turn Android Auto screen into a tablet.

Screen2Auto uses an ingenious system so you can open the mobile applications on the car screen, with a special launcher for the occasion and being able to interact with the applications using the touch screen. Best of all, despite its complexity, it works very well.

Download and setup

The first thing you will need to use Screen2Auto is, or b

After installing AA Store, open the application and you will find a list of unofficial Android Auto applications ready to download. Tap on Screen2Auto and then press the button Install. If this is your first time using AA Store, you will need to give the app permission to use the storage and install apps.

To open

Screen2Auto is not very large, so the download is fast. When it finishes downloading, you will need to press Install to start the installation of the application on the mobile. Before you can use it, you will need to open it to grant it certain permissions necessary for its operation.

Open Screen2Auto on your mobile and you will come across the setup wizard that shows you the numerous permits you need for its operation. Even though the permission of Root First of all, in our tests the application has worked without problems without root. Some specific functions may or in some cases not work properly without root access.


What you have to do is basically flip each switch to grant the corresponding permission. The group at the top is required, while the permissions at the bottom are recommended, but not required.

The apps on your mobile, in the car

Now comes the funniest part: connect your mobile to the car’s Android Auto and open the Screen2Auto application. Doing so displays a launcher of its own, with its desktop and app drawer. Unlike the Android Auto launcher, this one is all the applications you have on your mobile.


Tap on any app to open it, though remember that the app it really runs on your mobile and sent to the car by streaming. To work, the mobile will ask for your permission so that the application can begin to capture the screen and broadcast it. Until you do, you won’t see anything in the car.

To better adapt the mobile screen to the car, Screen2Auto opens the applications in landscape, so that they adapt better to the car screen. The best of all is that you can interact with applications and games with the touch screen of the car. There is a small delay, of course, but not much and it is even possible to play a game, with the car well parked and safe, of course.


To navigate through the applications and go back you can use the floating button, whose functionality you can precisely control by opening Screen2Auto options on your mobile. The application has a large number of settings, allowing you for example to adjust the screen resolution.