Scrcpy 2.0 adds the most requested by users: audio capture comes to the best app to view and control the mobile from the PC

scrcpy 20 adds the most requested by users audio capture.webp.webp.webp
scrcpy 20 adds the most requested by users audio capture.webp.webp.webp

If you want to see and control the mobile from your PC screen, you have many ways to do it, some more complicated than others. There is few as easy to use as Scrcpywhich is now even better by allowing us to also listen to the audio from the mobile on the PC.

Scrcpy is considered by many to be the best application to control your mobile from a PC, and with good reason for it. It is open source, compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows, basically works with one click and also with the new update, It also allows us to listen to the mobile from the PC, even if the screen is off.

Scrcpy 2.0 is here

When it comes to controlling the mobile from your PC, the most common thing is that you have to install an application on the mobile and another on your computer, then connecting them in some way. Scrcpy is infinitely simpler: you connect the mobile by cable to the computer (or not), download it to your PC and run it, without further ado.

Scrcpy stands out for be very easy to use and also work very well, with good image quality and little delay. If you tried to find a fault, the only possible one would be that although we could see the mobile screen without problems, we could not hear the audio from the mobile.


This problem has been solved with Scrcpy 2.0, which you can now download from Github for Windows, Mac and Linux. This is a major update that adds the ability to listen and record mobile audio in real time. Support for recording with H.265 and AV1 is also added if your mobile supports it.

To listen to the audio of the mobile on your computer with Scrcpy you do not need to do anything if you have Android 12 or higher. With Android 11, audio only works when the phone is unlocked and Android 10 and earlier remain as they were (ie no audio). When using Scrcpy to record a video, the audio is included by default.

More information | scrcpy

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