Save time when writing on your Android mobile: this is how to configure the replacement of text in Gboard

save time when writing on your android mobile this is.jpg
save time when writing on your android mobile this is.jpg

Although in personal tastes and preferences we find opinions of all kinds, as a general rule it is usually more comfortable to write on physical keyboards than on the mobile. However, this does not mean that we do not find some other option to write faster and with less effort.

If you have an Android mobile and use the google keyboard, you are probably interested in knowing how you can save yourself that time. And it is that, if you already have a series of expressions that you resort to on a regular basis and you are lazy to always write, you can save time. In this post we explain how you can execute keyboard shortcuts to avoid always typing the same thing manually.

How to set up Google keyboard text substitution

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The first, what exactly is this function? Well, basically, just by writing a character or a set of them, the text will be replaced. You can create all kinds of shortcuts like this: change an “h” for a “hello”, a “My name and DNI” for a “Paquito Pérez Gonzalez 55543168-J”, etc.

In the following sections we will see possible uses with more specific examples, but broadly speaking it becomes a utility with which save time typing all kinds of recurring words or phrases and even emojis. And for this, you must have the Google keyboard installed on your mobile, have it configured as the default and then follow these steps:

Text Replacement Android Keyboard

  • open the app gboardwhich is basically the Google keyboard and it will launch right into your settings.
  • go to Dictionary and click on personal dictionary and then in Spanish – Spain) (or whatever language you have set).
  • Click on the icon + located at the top right of the screen.
  • Fill in the fields as follows:
    • Upper field: the word, phrase, emoji (or set of these) that you want to open
      Android Text Substitution

      If once the shortcut is created you want edit or delete it, it will be enough for you to follow the same adjustment route and enter it. You can edit the text fields or delete it by pressing the trash can icon located at the top right.

      Examples of use of this function

      Knowing how these little shortcuts are activated, let’s now see what applications they can have in the context of our routine. In simpler cases like saying good morning or saying thank you, shortcuts like “bd” and “gr” can help us. are open

      There is also specific cases in which this is an interesting function. For example, for fill in text fields in forms on a website or an app. Don’t want to be writing your name, surnames, address or email? Easy: you create text substitutions for each one and so when it’s your turn to fill it in you won’t have to put everything.

      In somewhat more complex cases we can think of predefined templates in the purest email style, so that you can already have a text that in