Samsung renews its portfolio with Samsung Wallet, the new payment app that combines Samsung Pay and Pass

samsung renews its portfolio with samsung wallet the new payment.jpg
samsung renews its portfolio with samsung wallet the new payment.jpg

Samsung Galaxy owners will soon have a new app that combines two of the One UI services: mobile payments and password management. In this way, both platforms are combined into one, Samsung Wallet, an app with which you can pay in a store or unlock your car. It is available from today June 16 on Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets.

Having a Samsung Galaxy opens the door to the brand’s software, that One UI layer that has a notable number of improvements; with the drawback that often recharge devices. Personalization, greater control of the phone, its own applications for any need and a very outstanding aspect: Samsung Pay, the mobile payment platform. Now, said Pay is reconverted into Samsung Wallet.

Samsung merges Pay and Pass to create Samsung Wallet


The mobiles of the South Korean firm include duplicity of services with respect to the majority of Android devices certified by Google: Samsung Pay is a payment platform that directly competes with Google Pay and Samsung Pass is a password and pass manager that “fights” with “Autofill with Google”. These two Samsung services now come together in a single app, called Samsung Wallet.

With the unification Samsung Wallet is the only application on the Samsung Galaxy that will store the cards, passes and passwords. Whether they are credit cards, boarding cards or loyalty cards: from Samsung Wallet they can be added to the company account so that they are always synchronized. It will even allow you to open the door of compatible cars, Wallet will store the digital keys of brands such as BMW, Hyundai or Kia. Or manage the cryptocurrencies in the portfolio.

Apart from cards and keys, Samsung Wallet inherits all password management from Samsung Pass, also the autocomplete service (which will continue to fight with Google). In this way, all security and identification records are under the same service; which facilitates simplicity for the user and also transparency.


Samsung Wallet is now available in Spain and in five other countries: the United States, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Germany. All users who are going to use both Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass will be forced to update these apps with the latest Samsung Wallet. It is now available in the Galaxy Store.