Samsung debuts settings support for its Good Lock apps, first on Notistar

samsung debuts settings support for its good lock apps first.webp.webp.webp
samsung debuts settings support for its good lock apps first.webp.webp.webp

Good Lock’s excellent modules offer great versatility and added options to Samsung Galaxy owners. They can even make porting easier on phones: the Notistar app gets an update that enables it to share your Good Lock settings to a new Samsung Galaxy. The rest of the modules will progressively receive this functionality.

It has always been one of the tools that I missed the most on my Samsung phones: when Good Lock was only active in South Korea, there were few ways to test its modules apart from installing them as apk files. That changed in 2020 after the arrival of Good Lock and all its apps to the Galaxy Store; even though the Koreans continue to have preference in terms of news and updates. But everything comes: we can finally move the Good Lock settings in Notistar.

Make sure you don’t lose your Good Lock changes

Notistar Settings in Good Lock

Notistar Settings in Good Lock

The compendium of modules that the Good Lock launcher brings together is immense: more than fifteen apps divided according to the type of personalization applied to the devices. Literally, a Good Lock user can make their Samsung phone change its look like a chameleon. It even allows the application of icon packs, one of the options that I appreciate the most.

Since there are such a wide variety of modules, and the amount of tweaks they are capable of applying to the device is enormous, having a way to back up all those changes is very useful: you never know if you’ll lose them overnight. The mobile can extra

The latest update of Notistar, the application that allows you to enhance the management of notifications on Samsung Galaxy, introduces the backup of your settings thanks to SmartSwitch. Once the module is updated, the transfer tool between Samsung devices will not only exchange WhatsApp photos, videos, contacts or chats (whenever the user wants it), but also the settings made on Notistar. In this way, when installing said module in Good Lock it will not be necessary to configure it from scratch, since you will have received your pre-configuration

Notistar is the first Good Lock module to receive synchronization via SmartSwitch, the rest of them should be updated shortly to also incorporate settings sharing. In addition, we are waiting for Samsung to remove the Galaxy to Share app from South Korea: this module of Good Lock allows you to move the settings of the entire device. At the moment it is not active in Europe, not even installing the apk file.

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