Rocket League for Android arrives in 2021 as a spin-off: ‘Rocket League Side Swipe’ shows us its gameplay

rocket league for android arrives in 2021 as a spin off.jpeg
rocket league for android arrives in 2021 as a spin off.jpeg

Although ‘Rocket League’ does not take as many headlines as other franchises with which it shares an ecosystem on PCs and traditional consoles, the truth is that We are talking about one of the ‘video game’ phenomena of the moment. And for some time now, to be honest.

Now, the famous racing game in which cars of all sizes compete with each other in a strange combat that mix demolition and soccer will come to mobile phones. The Android version, specifically, will be launched soon and the confirmation is now completely official.

Rocket League for Android: in 2021

Rocket League Side Swipe

We can now play ‘Rocket League’ both on personal computers, regardless of their operating system, and on the most classic consoles on the market, adding the Nintendo Switch to the veteran Xbox and PlayStation. Now the game will start its way to mobile phones and we will see it arrive both for iPhone and iPad and Android mobile phones and tablets.

The game will undergo changes with the jump to its new mobile ecosystem, however, since in the trailer we can see that the controls have been simplified and the game perspective has changed. The future ‘Rocket League Side Swipe’ will be played with a lateral perspective and can be performed Quick one-on-one games or compete in pairs.

The car will be controlled by sliding your finger across the screen and there we can determine both the speed of the car and the height at which we want to launch it. With goals (or baskets) located at both ends of the field of play, we will have to be more skilled than the opponent to score in the opposing goal, and we will have not only the floor of the pitch but also the roof. Of course, here the models are three-dimensional but the world is not. Everything will be played on the same plane.

Throughout the game we will be able to get hold of different cars and customize them as we advance and move up in leagues and classifications. It is not revealed in this first gameplay whether or not we will have payments within the game to advance more quickly, but this style of play is familiar to us and everything indicates that it will. The game is now playable in beta form in Australia and New Zealand, and we hope to see it soon in the rest of the world.

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