Reels are coming to Facebook to compete with TikTok twice

reels are coming to facebook to compete with tiktok twice.png
reels are coming to facebook to compete with tiktok twice.png

The Reels came to Instagram as an alternative to TikTok videos, an application that not only threatens this social network, but is eating YouTube and other platforms. To continue having a vertical video presence, Facebook is starting to implement Reels in its app, so we will see them in duplicate on Instagram and Facebook.

This format is arriving first in the United States, but the company claims that Reels will expand globally. Just as they integrated the Instagram messages into the Facebook chat, we will see these types of videos shortly in the Facebook feed itself, in a featured section.

Double vertical videos


It’s not new for Facebook to integrate Instagram features into its app. Currently, in the chats section, we have access to Instagram’s own conversations, and now We will have a Reels section with the same videos that appear on Instagram.

Reels can be created from the Facebook app and each profile will have a dedicated section in which the Reels will be appreciated.

We will not only watch these videos, but We can create Reels from the Facebook app itself. The interface will also be adapted so that their Reels appear in the profiles of each user, as well as the number of views thereof. In other words, Facebook wants to give Reels a lot of prominence within its app, in order to increase users’ time on the page.

According to Facebook, this is a great opportunity for creators to have more visibility, since Reels uploaded to Instagram may appear as featured content on Facebook and thus reach more audiences. Similarly, Facebook wants to start paying content creators, as TikTok does, although this payment program will remain in the United States for now.

There is no date yet for the global arrival of Reels to the Facebook application, but it is already beginning to be tested in the United States and it will end up arriving worldwide, so get ready to see this video format in the Facebook app.

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