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Put a lynx in your house thanks to Google: this and other endangered animals now in 3D

put a lynx in your house thanks to google this.jpg
put a lynx in your house thanks to google this.jpg

The already huge list of animals and objects that Google offers through search adds new living beings to the collection: from now on we can see a lynx, arctic fox, white-backed beak, porpoise and carding bee. Just open the browser and look for these animals to view the reproduction in 3D thanks to Google’s augmented reality.

With the mobile we have at our fingertips, literally, all human knowledge. With a simple Google search, the phone will show written information, video, images and even 3D reproductions using augmented reality. Google entered animals in its search engine. And little by little the list of them available has been increasing so learn about how they are and how they move.

Endangered species protected on your phone

Google included some extinct animals in its 3D catalog, there is its collection of dinosaurs accessible to search. All of them offer maximum detail according to the discoveries made by paleontologists. And now, to prevent the list of extinct animals from unfortunately being expanded, Google has included five animals that deserve special protection.

The star of the new 3D animals is the lynx, a species that is seriously endangered in Spain (specifically, the Iberian lynx). As reflected in 9to5Google, the new wave of animals offers special emphasis on the protection of some very threatened. And without losing the curiosity of not only seeing them in detail, but also place them directly at home.

The list of endangered animals consists of five searches. By our tests, Google hasn’t translated some searches yet, so they only appear in 3D if the names are entered in English. Below you have them all:

  • Lynx (lynx).
  • Arctic fox (Arctic fox).
  • White-backed woodpecker.
  • Porpoise (Harbor porpoise).
  • Carder bee (Moss carder bee).

They are worth a look, the work done by Google is amazing. As we said, you just have to search for the animals (from the browser, from the Google widget or from Discover) to access the three-dimensional reproduction: To do this, click on the “View in 3D” button.


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