‘PUBG: New State’ will officially arrive on November 11 to iOS and Android and for more than 200 countries

pubg new state will officially arrive on november 11 to.jpg
pubg new state will officially arrive on november 11 to.jpg

PUBG was one of the culprits that today we have Fortnite, for example, and more games like Battle royale that we find even in the soup. The title is one of the oldest on the market and has not stopped reaping successes and revenue for its developers, including also those of the mobile territory in which they landed years ago.

The game is now preparing to take a big step forward and PUBG is preparing a great revolution, that of ‘PUBG: New State’. A game that was already glimpsed at the beginning of this year, whose pre-reservation was opened months ago and that we were able to test first-hand in the month of August. Now, ‘PUBG: New State’ already has an official release date: November 11.

A new state for all on November 11

As we said, we were waiting for Krafton, the developer behind the new ‘PUBG: New State’ to offer official information about the final launch of the mobile game. Remember that will be available for both iOS and Android. And finally, Krafton has spoken out and talked about both dates and distribution.

Now we know that ‘PUBG: New State’ It will open to the public on November 11 and that will appear in digital stores for both iOS and Android in more than 200 countries around the world. The title, whose maiden release took place in India, will be available to almost everyone in mid-November. Great news for fans of the franchise.

Krafton account that they have made special efforts in the graphic section to be considered as a new generation mobile title, adapting the interface and gameplay to the most advanced screens on the market. Presumably, the game, using Unreal Engine, will allow some mobiles to play at 120 and 144fps, although this has not been confirmed.

With the launch of ‘PUBG: New State’, Krafton aims to return to the throne of mobile income and is already hinting the release of a future title, ‘PUBG: Battlegrounds’. We are already looking forward to November 11 to download the title and see what it is capable of. But above all, to see what has improved with respect to the already great original PUBG.

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