Pokémon Sleep will wake up from a deep sleep: new teaser and release date

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pokemon sleep will wake up from a deep sleep new.webp.webp.webp

Pokémon Sleep is one of those Nintendo mobile experiments. Announced four years ago, we once again have relevant information about this title of pocket creatures.

Nintendo made its particular ‘Pokémon Presents’ yesterday to announce news about the franchise and Pokémon Sleep was among them. With a short teaserwe already have more information than it will bring us in the game for smartphones.

Sleep monitoring for the ‘little ones’

Pokémon Sleep

If we want to summarize in a few words what Pokémon Sleep is about, we can say that is a Pokémon-themed sleep tracker. This game will gamify our sleep and night rest. When we go to sleep, our phone will record and analyze the rest throughout the night.

Thus, it will show us statistics on the time that we have spent asleep, what it took us to reconcile it, and later it will break down this time into three sleep styles. These three styles are known by their English names: dozing, snoozing and slumbering.

The title will show us which creatures share our same style, and they will appear around the sleeping Snorlax, which is the central axis of the island of Pokémon Sleep. As in any other Pokémon adventure, we will have a teacher, who in this case is called Neroli. He will guide us throughout the experience and investigate the sleep habits of the monsters

This is not the first time that the Pokémon saga flirts with health issues, and it is that Pokémon GO, along with its gadget encourages us to walk and travel the world. Although initially planned for 2020, Pokémon Sleep will definitely arrive in summer of this yearThat is, in a few months.

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