Play Rainbow Six Mobile as soon as possible: so you can sign up for the first alpha games

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play rainbow six mobile as soon as possible so you.jpg

The most popular tactical FPS makes the leap from consoles and computers to touch screens: Ubisoft has announced that Rainbow Six Mobile will arrive on Android this 2022. There is no download on Google Play or APK to test yet; yes you can register to access the game during its first alpha test.

Mobile phones long ago lost their sanbenito of being purely casual platforms to embrace highly complex games, both in terms of plot and graphics. They are still behind the game consoles; Although there is the option of enjoy with the AAA of the big screens thanks to platforms like Google Stadia or Nvidia GeForce Now. What were you waiting for a Rainbow Six adapted specifically to phones? We have good news.

Open registration for Rainbow Six Mobile for Android

Rainbow Six Mobile

It is the great news of the mobile panorama in the field of video games: Ubisoft has confirmed a Rainbow Six for Android and iPhone showing images of the game and also some gameplay. Apparently, it is a high-quality adaptation that maintains the aesthetics, the gameplay, the tactical combat style and the component of infiltration, key in the saga.

It will be a game with high technical requirements, at least as shown by Ubisoft. 5v5 multiplayer battles on the best-known maps of the saga, great weapons available to users, various agents to choose from with the advantages granted by the skills of each one, infiltration and strategy to dominate the games and a fast pace that adapts to the needs of touch screens (especially in the time of each game).

Rainbow Six Mobile was presented yesterday, April 5, but it was not until today, April 6, when Ubisoft opened registration for the first alpha; which will take place shortly. To participate in this first multiplayer test you have to register on the game’s website by answering a short questionnaire. Only the first to sign up will get a slot for said alpha.

Rainbow Six Mobile

Ubisoft has not given any more details of the launch apart from the brief 2022. Knowing that the alpha has to start, there should still be several months left for the launch of Rainbow Six Mobile. We will keep track of him in order to get behind the controls of this FPS as soon as possible.

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