Play Protect says you have a bad app but you think otherwise: here’s what you can do about it

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play protect says you have a bad app but you.webp.webp.webp

Play Protect is the main antivirus for Android: it comes pre-installed and active on most mobile phones and prevents many malicious applications. Some deserve it, others not so much. If you are an advanced user and use advanced applications, you may Play Protect marks them as harmful and you still want to use them. We tell you what you can do about it.

First of all, when in doubt it is better to listen to Play Protect, so as a general rule it is best to carry out the recommended action, which is usually to uninstall the application that is considered harmful. If you’re convinced it’s not, these are the three things you can do.

Ignore the warning, no more

As an antivirus, Play Protect is not overly aggressive, although it is somewhat heavy. It notifies you when it detects that you have an application installed that it considers malicious, but it lets you keep using it. All you have to do is ignore the warning message that appears when trying to install it and choose install anyway.

Yeah, from time to time the notification will appear which asks you to uninstall the harmful application, but you are free to close it without further ado. It will also appear on Google Play, but again it is a simple warning that you can simply ignore.

Disable Play Protect


this option we do not recommend it unless you really know what you’re doing, but you’re always free to disable Play Protect entirely. You will not receive any more warnings, but you also leave your mobile exposed to danger if you are used to installing applications of dubious origin.

If even with that, you want disable Play Protect, you can do it from Google Play. Tap on your profile photo until the menu opens and in it enter Play Protect. Press the settings button at the top and disable then Scan apps with Play Protect.

Update the “malicious app”

before and after

Play Protect before and after updating AA AIO Tweaker

Finally, it never hurts to check if the malicious app has any updatesbecause sometimes the detection is a false positive that is corrected in a new version.

In my case, this has been the case with the AA AIO Tweaker, the application to fully customize Android Auto (with root). While an old version was considered malicious, After updating Play Protect it no longer has any problem with her.