Pikmin will come to mobile thanks to Nintendo and Niantic: with augmented reality and real exploration

pikmin will come to mobile thanks to nintendo and niantic.jpg
pikmin will come to mobile thanks to nintendo and niantic.jpg

The developer of the games in augmented reality best known will launch a new title with another Nintendo franchise, Pikmin. The funny aliens will roam the streets freely; and you will have to use your mobile to guide them: Niantic already has the registration page ready.

Pokemon go was a resounding success almost five years ago, a success that has been maintained over time even if the popularity declined update after update. Fruit of the experience acquired with Ingress, Niantic brought augmented reality and real competition to the streets thanks to the universe of pocket monsters. Then came another game set in a magical literary saga, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. And the next launch is already shaping up, again with Nintendo.

The Pikmin hit the streets thanks to Nintendo and Niantic


At the moment we know very little about the new game since we only know the advance by Nintendo and Niantic. The mechanics are expected to be quite similar to what has already been seen in the Niantic catalog: exploration of the streets mobile in hand, use of augmented reality to superimpose the Pikmin on the mobile screen and interaction with the aliens to overcome the different missions that the game will pose.

Nintendo and Niantic announced the future disposition of Pikmin on mobiles, hopefully for both Android and iPhone. Will use augmented reality and the players will have ‘explore the real world and create memories with Pikmin friends‘.

Taking into account the mechanics of the franchise, the safest thing is that we should look for the Pikmin on the street pointing with the camera of the mobile to gather them all and have them follow us to their ship. This mechanic fits well in the use of a smartphone and would be a breath of fresh air to what has already been seen in Ingress, Pokémon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

At the moment we do not know anything else about the future game: neither release date nor gameplays nor stories that will take place within the application. We do have a registration page where Niantic opens the door to receive future news in the mailbox. You can sign up here to show your interest in the future Pikmin for mobile.

Via | Engadget