Paying for a personalized TikTok video, this is what the new ‘Shoutouts’ are like

paying for a personalized tiktok video this is what the.jpg
paying for a personalized tiktok video this is what the.jpg

The famous platform for short vertical videos is testing a new option with which content can be monetized: the payment for the personalization of a video. Would you like to have something unique from your favorite creator? TikTok “Shoutouts” would make it possible.

Few social networks experienced the rapid growth of TikTok, the old has become in its own right the reference network at the current level. Its recommendation algorithm is one of its main weapons, also its enormous popularity: It is possible to find content of all kinds, no matter the subject. You can even get videos made expressly for the user: the new functionality of TikTok aims to boost the profits of the creators.

Do you like a creator? Ask for a video made expressly for you

Tiktok Exclusive Content

How TikTok Shoutouts works. Buzzfeed News screenshots

Until now, creators could make their work on TikTok profitable by obtaining direct sponsorship from brands and also through donations from other users. These donations are made in TikTok’s own currency, which can be purchased from your store (in the profile of each user, within “Portfolio”). It is precisely this currency that will serve as change in the new “Shoutouts”.

This functionality, discovered by Buzzfeed News, allows creators to be rewarded for making the videos they upload to TikTok profitable. Of course, they will not be public videos since the purpose is to pay for exclusive content– Followers will ask creators for videos; paying in exchange the amount in coins that each influencer deems appropriate.

The functionality is currently in testing for certain territories and is only suitable for some creators (at the moment). Once it is extended to more users The “Shoutouts” menu will appear on your profile so that anyone can ask the creator for a personalized video. Each creator will have three days to accept the request (they must agree with their follower to estimate the conditions of the video); with a period of one week for the influencer Unleash your creativity and deliver the request to the recipient.

With the “Shoutouts” the creators will get direct money, always in TikTok currency; the platform takes the benefits that the conversion of its virtual currency into real currency drags and users get an exclusive video created by those who follow on TikTok. In principle everyone wins, it will be necessary to see if the process is finally standardized and expectations are met.

Via | Buzzfeed News