Pay by Telegram in exchange for exclusive reactions and stickers: the app will offer a Premium subscription

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pay by telegram in exchange for exclusive reactions and stickers.jpg

Given the enormous expense in servers that the Telegram bill must throw up, the owners of the famous messaging app are looking for a way to get some return from their millions of users. The announcements in the channels were the first step, but not the only one: Telegram has included a Premium subscription in its latest beta.

Those of us who have been using WhatsApp since its inception still remember that annual euro that it cost to be able to use messaging on Android. With the purchase by Facebook WhatsApp ended up eliminating payments, not in vain the true value of the platform is the data of its use. But what about Telegram? The company boasts of not monetizing the data detached from the use of the platform. So the logical step to get some monetary return was to offer a subscription with exclusive features.

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We had been rumors of this jump to Telegram subscriptions for some time. We even recently learned that the platform was already testing some ways to monetize the extensive use of its messaging, communication tools and unlimited storage. Translated into server costs, all these services must mean a fortune for Pavel Durov and his.

As confirmed from the Telegram Beta channel, and always after testing the test version of the app for iOS, the messaging platform would have already traced and included its Premium subscription. This would offer exclusive functions to those users who decide to pay promptly for the use of Telegram. And always without the app ceasing to be free, free users will not lose the functions they have been enjoying until now.

As the Premium subscription has planned, those who decide to pay for Telegram will obtain exclusive stickers and reactions that only subscribers can use. In this way, Telegram will block the download of Premium stickers to those who do not pay; offering a subscription form when trying to download media items. Presumably more advantages are added to these; such as avoiding channel advertising, for example.

Subscription tests are being carried out on the beta version of Telegram 8.7.2. We do not know the future prices and if the payments will be monthly or annual, also if there will be a discount for those users who decide to pay several months in advance. It is expected that Telegram will reveal all these details as it distributes the final version 8.7.2, surely within a few weeks.

Via | Telegram Beta, Android Police