Passing WhatsApp chats between an iPhone and an Android mobile will require you to connect them with cable, according to WaBetaInfo

passing whatsapp chats between an iphone and an android mobile.jpg
passing whatsapp chats between an iphone and an android mobile.jpg

WaBetaInfo has revealed in more detail how the system will work to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android and vice versa, something we already know has been in development for a few months. The good news is, again, that it will be possible. The bad news is that it is not in the most comfortable way in the world.

As revealed by WaBetaInfo, the migration of chats requires that the two phones are connected by a cable, which is somewhat more cumbersome than if some other intermediate system were used, although on the other hand it is safer as it does not involve third-party services in the transfer of your chats.

You will need a cable to pass your chats

WhatsApp has been working on two developments that are highly anticipated by users for some time, and both come in a way with a but. First there is the multi-device support, confirmed by the company but which apparently will only allow you to use a mobile for the moment. For the other, chat transfer.

Currently there are already solutions to transfer chats between WhatsApp for Android and iOS, but none of them are free or official. All your conversations are processed by an application, and you have to trust that it will only do what it claims to do. What WhatsApp includes its own transfer of chats between operating systems It is therefore something that many users are looking forward to.

The problem is the same as always: WhatsApp on Android makes its backups in Google Drive and, on an iPhone, in iCloud. Instead of using one of these services or a third party for the transfer of chats, WhatsApp will use a cable that connects the Android mobile with the iPhone.

WhatsApp is developing a feature to migrate your chats between different platforms.
This video shows how chats are migrated from iOS. It’s needed a cable: are new tools for PC coming or what?

It’ll be available for beta testers in a future update. Follow @WABetaInfo for more 馃挌

– WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) July 2, 2021

This makes the process a bit more cumbersome, although you will not have many problems if you go from a recent Android mobile to a recent iPhone such as the iPhone 12. This is so because the iPhone 12 box includes the USB-C to Lightning cable, which will be one of the most common combinations. In case you do not have the cable, on Amazon they are for about 12 euros.

If it is an older mobile, then you will need a Micro-USB to Lightning cable, which can be a bit trickier to find without resorting to adapters. In any case, as we mentioned before, the good thing about this system is that at least your chats will not go through any placeexcept for the cable. The process itself looks pretty straightforward in the WaBetaInfo video, although it will be nice to see how it performs in a real-life situation transferring a lot of chats and files. At the moment we still do not know when it will be official.

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