Organizing my contacts on Android was a real mess until I discovered this trick

organizing my contacts on android was a real mess until.webp.webp.webp
organizing my contacts on android was a real mess until.webp.webp.webp

Although sometimes we forget it, our Android smartphones fulfill the strictest role of telephone, and therefore, it is normal that let’s accumulate many contacts saved in the agenda. There is Google Contacts to give us a cable thanks to very interesting functions, although there are equally valid alternatives.

My contacts are always safe, since I have synchronized them in the Google account since I bought my first Android mobile. With the passage of time, this list has only increased and therefore, I had to take advantage of one of the most important features of this app.

Labels for Google contacts, our best ally

Google Android Contacts

Many users are unaware of this little functionality that the Google Contacts application provides us with. It is about the labels, and on the other hand the favorites. The first feature allows us, as its name suggests, to mark contacts using labels, something very useful for organizing. As for the second, It is good for us to indicate quick access contacts.

To do this, just touch the menu button, located in the upper left corner, and just below the Google account we will see the labels. As you can see, it will be as easy as click on “Create label” to generate a new one.

Contacts Google Tags

We will be able to use the name that we want, being very practical to locate all our co-worker contacts in the “Work” tab, or group our family under “Family”. Actually these are just two examples, giving us plenty of chances.

Once we have all the contacts correctly labeled, we will go back to the side menu where we will have a list with all tags. By touching one of them, we will simply see the added contacts, something that makes it easier for us to search and organize them.

On the other hand, marking a contact as a favorite will make it appear first in the list, as soon as you enter the application. They will come before the letter “A” labeled with a star, so we will avoid the typical names of “AaPepito” or “AaMama”. just as useful for an emergency in which we need to call an acquaintance.

Contacts Google Favorites

To mark them, we only have to enter the file of the desired contact and then click on the star of favourite. If we go back we will see them at the beginning of our agenda.

Let yourself be advised by the best contacts app

This is not the only feature that I take advantage of in this app, as it hides a maintenance suite that allows us to organize the agenda in a better way. If we click on the key icon located in the lower menu, we will access “Correct and manage”.

This section includes such essential tools as combining contacts (for when we have a duplicate contact to join the numbers), management of SIM contacts, as well as other utilities. Can export our contact list to a file to import it on another phone or device, as well as check the trash in case we have deleted a contact by mistake.

Finally, it should be noted that from the Google Contacts settings we can change the order of the list. It will always be in alphabetical order, but we can select which part of the name it takes, if the first or last names. In the same way, we can prefer that the surnames appear before the name, since it is another way of finding contacts.

As we can see, this app is very complete and since I label my contacts I have no problem finding any. Google makes it easy for us, and although it is not the most outstanding application, we have at our disposal a quite powerful tool to avoid the mess of endless agendas.

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