One of its most striking novelties arrives on Instagram: text notes of up to 60 characters

one of its most striking novelties arrives on instagram text.webp.webp.webp
one of its most striking novelties arrives on instagram text.webp.webp.webp

Do you want to leave a message for your Instagram contacts without having to send it to them one by one? Well, the Notes solve this problem: they are some text states up to 60 characters that every Instagram user can pin to their profile. That you are not available, that you went out for coffee or that you are looking for someone to escape with on vacation: write a note and others will read it when accessing your profile.

With each update, Instagram grew in options until it became a messaging colossus in its own right. Because yes, some prefer it instead of other applications specialized in the task; such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger itself. Instagram allows you to communicate with a person privately, in a group and even share small text states. Notes are reaching everyone.

Express what you feel in a note: it disappears after 24 hours

New Instagram Notes

New Instagram Notes

Instagram Notes expand to all users of the app. That’s how he assured it Adam Mosseriresponsible for Instagram, in his twitter account: after presenting the option last December 2022, the long-awaited Notes are finally available.

This little Status that text is associated with each Instagram profile to define how that person is. It is very similar to the information that appears in the WhatsApp account: Instagram allows a maximum of 60 characters in each Note.

Users can change their Notes as they please, just like a text status. Also, they last the same: a maximum of 24 hours. These Notes remain accessible in the profile so that other people can read them before contacting through messages, for example.

The feature is official and should be expanding in Europe and Japan; as well as in the United States. To use them you have to follow the following process:

  • Open your Instagram application and enter the private messages section, top right (the paper plane icon).
  • Click on your avatar, the circle that appears above the private conversations and that is marked with «leave a note».
  • Write the message you want. You have a maximum of 60 characters, including Emojis.
  • Accept and the note will be anchored to your profile so that the rest of your contacts can read it. This will disappear after 24 hours if you do not change or delete it: to do so you must follow the same process.

The Instagram Notes are in full expansion, surely it still does not appear in most of the apps. This is the case of our mobiles: We have not been able to start them on Android or iPhone. It’s a matter of time: soon they will be available to everyone.

More information | Adam Mosseri

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