Offer in music with the highest quality: get three months of Tidal HiFi Plus for only three euros

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Tidal is not one of the cheapest streaming platforms since the price of the basic plan (HiFi) is at the level of what Spotify or Apple Music charge for the Premium plan; with a cost step when ascending in the audio quality offered (up to HiFi Plus). What do you want to try it? Tidal offers 30 days free with a newly opened account. And now it has a very juicy discount if you plan to subscribe for at least three months.

With the Tidal offer you have three months of HiFi Plus subscription, the most expensive, for only three euros. From the fourth month Tidal will charge you 19.99 euros monthly, you must set a reminder before the term expires (in case you do not want to continue). And the family plan also comes in: you can subscribe to Tidal Family also for three euros for three months.

To make use of the offer you must carry out the following process:

  • Access this Tidal page.
  • Select if you want the HiFi Plus family plan.
  • Click on the “Get the promotion” button.
  • Follow the purchase process and select an email address to create an account. In the event that you already have a Tidal user, you will have to create a new one: the three month offer is only valid for new accounts.
  • Complete the process with the payment method you prefer: bank card or PayPal.

Tidal offers over 90 million tracks, includes over 450,000 music videos, has master quality in much of the music (up to 9216 kbps) and includes no ads or subscription limitations. If you haven’t tried Tidal yet, now is the best time to do so.

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