Oddly enough, you can turn that phone you don’t use into a desktop computer: that’s how it’s done

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the mobile you usually use is a small computer, not for nothing has similar components, including the operating system. Although of course, its interface doesn’t really behave like that of any computer, since everything is adapted to use with the fingers from a reduced screen. But what if you could transform it into something close to a PC? Let’s look at some simple ways to achieve this.

Android already behaves like a computer: connect a mouse and a keyboard

Android Old Computer

The key to using a device as a computer is that the device deliver an experience close to that of a PC, macOS, or Linux, the three common desktop systems. And the truth is that Google already includes this use in Android: it is enough to connect a keyboard and a mouse to the mobile; either wired or via Bluetooth.

Your old Android mobile has an on-screen cursor that can be controlled with any computer mouse. In turn, if you connect a keyboard to it, you will no longer need the on-screen touch equivalent: every time you go to write on the phone you can do it key by keypounding away with your usual physical keyboard.

Therefore, you can make your mobile a basic computer with just these steps:

  • Connect a mouse to the phone. Ideally, it should be Bluetooth, so you save having a cable in the middle (and keep the USB port free to charge the mobile). Any Bluetooth mouse works for Android, even Apple’s Magic Mouse (we attest).
  • Connect a physical keyboard. Just like the mouse, any Bluetooth keyboard pairs with Android to provide key-by-key typing on the screen. Ultimately, you can use the phone’s port for the keyboard’s USB.

With the two peripherals connected to your old Android you can control its interface as if you were handling a computerr. Of course, said interface is still mobile, not desktop. And you would see it in small, the best thing is to project it on television.

With the mobile screen projected on the television, and a keyboard and mouse connected to your old Android, you already have the basic computer kit. what do you want one pure desktop interface to complete the experience? There are ways.

Computer Launcher

Android Old Computer

Computer Launcher on a Google Pixel 6

Android allows you to completely change its interface to turn a mobile into almost any device. What do you want to simulate an iPhone? Why not, there are ways. The same thing happens with the appearance of the computer, there is a launcher or launcher that simulates to be Windows almost down to the last detail: ComputerLauncher.

Computer Launcher

Computer Launcher

  • Developer: Pro Themes and Launchers
  • Download it at: google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Video

Once the application is installed on your old Android, and after having correctly configured the mouse and keyboard on the phone, you will see that the experience is very close to that offered by a PC. And if you project the smartphone screen on TV, this experience is greatly improved.

With keyboard and mouse connected to the mobile, and the mobile itself connected to the TV, it will seem that you are using a computer

It’s not that the launcher completely replaces a computer, but it does come very close. What doesn’t satisfy you? There are brands that already include a desktop mode within their entrails; as is the case with Samsung, Motorola or Huawei.

Samsung DeX

Samsung Dex

Samsung DeX on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung’s top-of-the-range mobiles incorporate the Samsung DeX desktop mode, a system that not only mimics the computer experience, but also allows you to take your computer anywhere. DeX is present from the Samsung Galaxy S8 onwards: all Galaxy S, the extinct Note and the folding ones include it. If your old mobile is among these models you can take advantage of it.

To use Samsung DeX, all you have to do is connect the mobile to the TV or an external monitor using the phone’s USB C (for older Samsung Galaxy you will need the Samsung DeX accessory). Change the TV channel to the appropriate video input and you will see how your mobile magically turns into a computer. It is very worth using if you have Samsung DeX.

Motorola Ready For

Like Samsung, Motorola also includes a desktop mode on its higher-end Android smartphones (the latest Motorola Edge family and the Motorola Moto G100). By connecting the phone to an external screen, be it the TV or a monitor, the Moto mobile projects its panel adapting the smartphone interface to a desktop one. With a keyboard and mouse the experience is similar to what you get on a computer.

Huawei desktop mode

Huawei Desktop Mode

Another of the brands that has promoted the pure and simple computer experience from the smartphone is Huawei. With its desktop mode, which is accessed after projecting the screen on the TV (wired or wireless), the panel adapts the interface to the appearance of a PC to allow easy use with keyboard and mouse. Or only with the mobile, where the screen becomes a touchpad (just like in Samsung DeX and Ready For).

As usual, this desktop mode is only found in the most expensive Huawei, the P and Mate of each year (also in the folding ones). If your old Android belongs to Huawei try to activate it.