Now you can know if you are tracked with an AirTag with your Android mobile and the new Apple app

now you can know if you are tracked with an.jpg
now you can know if you are tracked with an.jpg

This year Apple got fully into the location beacons with the Apple AirTag, a small device that you can locate almost magically with the help of iPhones that are in the area. They can also be used for evil, hiding it in a person so that you can follow their movements, so Apple added an option for the iPhone to notify you if you have a nearby foreign AirTag. Now it is also possible with an Android mobile.

In this case, the warning of unwanted traces will not be automatic, but will require you to download the Tracker Detect application and do a manual search from AirTag and compatible devices around you. If so, you will have the option to play a sound on it to find it.

Don’t be spied on with an AirTag

Spying on someone with an AirTag or compatible devices is made even more difficult with Apple’s new official Android app: Tracker Detect. This application takes care of searching if you have AirTag around you that are far from their owner and therefore could potentially be used to control where you are.

It is more or less the same as an iPhone does automatically, only this time you must install an application and do the analysis manually. For an AirTag to appear in the list it must have been away from his owner for at least 15 minutes.


If a tracker is found, you will be prompted, although it will not be until I have been 10 minutes near you when you can take action. Basically you can make it play a sound to find where it is.

With physical access to it, you can do two things. The first of them is the only one that could be done with an AirTag and an Android mobile until now: scan it with NFC to find its owner. The second is remove the battery to disable it, something that the application tells you how to do.

Tracker Detect

Tracker Detect

  • Developer: Manzana
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
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