Nothing’s mobile is anticipated in the form of a launcher: so you can download it on your Android

nothings mobile is anticipated in the form of a launcher.jpg
nothings mobile is anticipated in the form of a launcher.jpg

We haven’t been able to get to know it physically yet and we already have among us a bit of the long-awaited Nothing Phone (1), the future mobile of the company founded by Carl Pei (in turn co-founder of OnePlus). And it’s not a leak in the form of a screenshot, no: Nothing has uploaded the launcher of its future smartphone to the Google Play Store. Perfect for testing the future from your current mobile.

Changing the appearance of an Android mobile completely is effortless since there are some almost magical apps: launchers. With them you can change the appearance to turn the phone interface into anything imaginable, including an iPhone. Or a phone that hasn’t come out yet, there’s the Nothing Phone launcher (1). We have tested it.

Simple, light and very fast

Nothing Launcher

The launcher itself is an approach to the basic interface of Android, that simple design and functionalities that are looking for not hinder the operation of the phone. And with enormous development potential since, at the moment, it is still somewhat green. That’s the reason for the “beta” tag, the launcher is in its testing period.

Although it is a generic application, this interface of the future Nothing phone (1) it is only available for the latest Google Pixel and for some Samsung Galaxy. The brand ensures that later it will add to the OnePlus; with more models that will be added little by little to availability.

We have installed Nothing Launcher on our Google Pixel 6 without encountering problems with startup, transitions or jumping between apps. It’s simple (maybe too much), provide plenty of custom details (folders and certain standard widgets, for example), is compatible with icon packs and offers its own wallpapers, among other features.

As with any other launcher, the installation process is as follows:

  • You need one of the compatible mobiles.
  • Access the Google Play Store from this link and install Nothing Launcher.
  • You will have to choose the default interface on your mobile. In general, your mobile will give you the option as soon as you want to go to the beginning; although you may have to change the default application (from the system settings / applications).
Nothing Launcher

Once Nothing Launcher is selected as the default interface you will have the future look of the Nothing Phone (1) on your Android. From our tests, it still has a long way to go to be an option to consider, but surely the developers are building a reference launcher little by little. At the time