Nothing’s launcher is here for you to install whenever you want: we’ve already tested it

nothings launcher is here for you to install whenever you.jpg
nothings launcher is here for you to install whenever you.jpg

Carl Pei used to run OnePlus, but then stopped running and launched a new brand called Nothing. A curious and striking name. His journey began with headphones, the Nothing Ear (1). So, with parentheses. The next thing was to announce the arrival of his first phone, a logical step. His name from him? Guess what? Exact. Nothing Phone (1). But said phone would also release a launcher and the launcher is already among us.

The Nothing Launcher has already set foot on the Google Play Store. No need to download it from external websites to be able to join its beta program. The launcher is in beta itself and you just have to access Google Play to install it. Not all mobile phones will be compatible with it, but many will, and You can already take a look at it to see if it convinces you. It is what we have done.

Attractive and customizable design despite its beta phase

As we have already said, installing the new Nothing launcher is not complicated at all. All you have to do is go to Google Play to download it and then activate its use on your phone. In our case, that of a Pixel 5, we have gone to Settings> Applications> Default applications and in ‘Startup application’ we have chosen the ‘Nothing Launcher’. Done, the screen refreshes and we have it ready.

From the outset we come across a quite characteristic wallpaper of the brand, despite being very new. We have a default pixelated background (it is not exactly the word because they are bands) in black and white that shows a hand against a glass. It provides a certain psychedelic effect but strangely calming and that undoubtedly makes the icons that we place on the desktop stand out.

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As soon as we start using it, we realize some curious details about its operation. For example, the Nothing Launcher offers us the possibility of expand the size of icons up to four times their size. It is enough to make a long press on them to show the options, and at the top left we will have the classic icon to zoom. Ready, the icon multiplies its size by four and occupies four cells on the desktop. If we want to return it to its original size, we repeat the process.

Photo 2022 04 28 17 02 12

With this functionality, which seems a bit silly, what we get is to be able to further customize the appearance of our desktop. It is something similar to turning any icon into a kind of widget, a giant icon to gain prominence among the others that surround it. Of course, we can enlarge as many icons as the desktop itself allows us. Turn a normal Android phone into one adapted for the elderly? As easy as placing 5 or 6 icons on the desktop, all enlarged. A pretty cool customization detail.

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With the Nothing Launcher the row of recent apps disappears from the app drawer, another change that is noticeable compared to the pure launcher of the Google Pixel. We have the possibility to load icon packs, although the launcher has only the standard one installed and we have the option to activate the notification balloons for the desktop icons. Although technically they are more points than balloons, since it only indicates that we have things to do, without the count of accumulated notifications.

And finally, when it comes to customization, the Nothing Launcher brings with it three custom designed widgets by the Nothing team. We have an analog clock that also shows us the date, we have a digital clock with a pretty cool dotted design, and we have a weather widget that takes advantage of the same design to show the weather with fun, very minimalist drawings.

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The new Nothing Launcher is completely free and, as we said before, it is currently in beta so it would be logical to think that it will continue to evolve between now and the launch of the Nothing Phone (1) later on. We will be attentive to follow your progress closely. Undoubtedly, Nothing makes an interesting commitment to design and customization in a very attractive new launcher that can find its audience among those most inclined to make their phones unique.

Nothing Launcher (Beta)

Nothing Launcher (Beta)

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Nothing Technology Limited
  • Download it from: google play