Nine tips to discover the best Android apps and games

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When we want to download an application or game and we are still not sure what it is going to be, the best thing to do is filter by rating the search results. Google Play allows us to filter the results to see only the applications or games with 4.0 or 4.5 or more star rating. This way we remove the applications with very bad scores.

Discover popular apps and games

Top Popular Apps

One of the fastest ways to discover the best Android apps and games is check the most popular applications and games. The Play Store offers us two ways to do it. The first way of them is through the tab ‘Top Popular’. Here we can filter by ‘Top income’ or ‘Best sellers’ and by categories to further refine our query.

Popular Apps

The second way to see the most popular applications and games is through the collection of the same name that appears on the main page of the ‘Games’ and ‘Apps’ sections. Here we will see a selection created by Google with the most popular of the store.

Explore their categories and their collections

Apps Categories

Exploring the categories of applications and games we can find the best of each genre. There we will see more collections and more sections that can help us find little gems that suit our needs.

Check the experts’ selection

Expert Selection

One of the essential collections to consult is the ‘Selection of our experts’, a collection of applications or games in which the Google Play team has selected some of the best applications and games to download. These collections are found on the main page in the ‘Games’ and ‘Apps’ sections.

Discover the top rated games

Top Rated Games

In the ‘Games’ section we will also find a selection with the ‘Top Rated Games’where Google Play displays top rated gameswith which it becomes another of the essential sections to visit to discover new games.

Take a look at the recommendations

App Recommendations

Google Play will not stop showing us recommendations and suggestions. These are based on our activity in the store, which will recommend applications and games similar to those we have downloaded.

See similar apps and games

Similar Apps

If we want to search for an application to one that we already know, we can go to its file and look for the section at the bottom ‘Similar Apps’. There we will see a list with popular applications that are similar to the one we are looking for.

See apps from a developer

App Developer

If we love an application or game, it is possible that we are going to like another of its developer’s creations, which is very practical view all apps by a developer. For this we only have to click on the name of a developer in the tab of one of your applications.

filter the reviews


Finally, to make sure that this app works properly on your device you can filter the reviews to see what its users think. clicking on ‘Ratings and reviews’ and then in ‘Most relevant’ you will be able to filter the reviews by ‘Latest’, ‘Latest version’ and/or by ‘This device model’.

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