New Emojis for your WhatsApp: multicolored handshakes, pregnant men and more

new emojis for your whatsapp multicolored handshakes pregnant men and.jpg
new emojis for your whatsapp multicolored handshakes pregnant men and.jpg

The WhatsApp application for Android recently incorporated a good number of new Emojis in its stable version, all approved by Unicode in its version 14, the one at the end of 2021. With the introduction of these emoticons, WhatsApp users can in

Saying what we feel for WhatsApp can be a matter of several lines of text, a one-minute audio or a simple Emoji. Because there is no doubt that these tiny pictorial representations have conquered the world, and not only the technological one. They are so important that the list of Emojis is constantly being renewed; both in the catalog itself and in those apps that integrate it.

107 new Emojis in WhatsApp

whatsapp emojis

List of new WhatsApp Emojis. Image from Emojipedia

The process of expanding the number of Emojis goes through several phases. First, Unicode, the character encoding standard, proposes a provisional list of emoticons; second, Unicode approves those Emojis that definitively swell the catalog; third, developers are adapting approved Unicode standards to include the Emojis in their apps. This adaptation can completely vary the design proposed by Unicode.

After the approval and adaptation processes, and after WhatsApp added Unicode 14 Emojis to the Android beta, emoticons have arrived in the stable application. This means that anyone who uses WhatsApp can add up to 107 new Emojis to their conversations, most of them variations of the same icon with different skin tones.

Given Unicode’s efforts to create a pictorial language that is as inclusive as possible, the new WhatsApp Emojis adapt the multicultural handshake, the heart symbol made with hands, different queens and even pregnant men. The list is wide and varied, there is even a troll and an x-ray.

Since Emojis aspire to say a lot with a single image, the current list of emoticons allows you to communicate any emotion. However, it must be taken into account that those new Emojis can only in

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